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Matson - Garson
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Where is Strum? - Wisconsin Highway Map
Street Map of Strum - from 1996 Land Atlas and Plat Book, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin.
A Modern Day Picture Tour of Strum (No homes yet, not all businesses, Year 2003 Pictures )
Esten Johnson Dahl, Wife & Child. Early Settlers in Town of Unity, Johnson Valley
Lina Paulsen "Nikoline Paulsdatter" & Husband, Andrew Anderson of Town of Unity 
Strum About 1909 - A Bird's-Eye View
Strum, Wisconsin, USA, About 1911

Strum, Wisconsin About 1940 - by Ron A. Rosenberg. Much Improved Picture. 
Strum, Wisconsin Downtown, About 1962 - provided by Bev Olson Van Blaricom. 
Strum from the Air 2003 - by Jerry Berg of Kasson, Minnesota
Strum "Brion Field" Airport 2003 - by Jerry Berg of Kasson, Minnesota and link to Viking Flying Club
West Beef River Church Choir, 1957 - compliments of Eunice Nelson.
West Beef River "Little Kids" Sunday School Class 1956-57 - by of Ron A. Rosenberg 
Maple Street Reunion Article  Sept 2001
Eleva-Strum Central Class of 1960, Freshman Year
Johnson Valley School Class of 1921 -1922
Norseville School Picture Series - Eau Claire County, Clear Creek Townhip material, compliments of Ron A. Rosenberg, Susan Thompson Stump, Gary Hanson, Rob Rindal and others.  
Strum Unity Lutheran Church & Cemetery, Early 1900s
Strum St. Paul's Lutheran Church Confirmation Class Picture of 1926 - provided by Susan Thompson Stump and names by Mike Berg
St. Paul's Lutheran Church before/after 1902 Remodel & Expansion - NEW provided by Kathy (Hulberg) Kido

St. Paul's Norwegian Lutheran Church of Strum, 50th Anniversary Booklet - 1927 (20 Pages)
The scans  of this booklet come from Chris Bonnabeau, a descendant of Martin Bjorklund of Strum. This booklet is written in Norwegian and not translated. For you who can read Norwegian, enjoy! And if you think you want to translate the booklet, I will post your translation so those who cannot read Norwegian can also enjoy.
St. Paul's Lutheran Church 60th Anniversary Congregation Photo, Sept 18-19, 1937  
The picture is compliments of Dan Olsen of the Semingson family. This is a 4-picture series. The original wide angle picture is devided into four sections. These pictures will be slow loading but well worth the time depending upon your Internet speed and interest. Rev. O. A. Hjemboe was the Pastor at this time. A number of families around Strum may have this same picture.
St. Paul's Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary Booklet - 1952 (31 pages) 
This booklet is an exact scan of the original. The booklet was provided to Ron Rosenberg by Hazel (Berg) Anderson of Strum. Ron scanned each of thirty-one pages so that I might post them here. St. Paul's Church and now Immanuel Lutheran of Strum hold the rights to the material. This is a gem!
Story of a Lutheran People, Strum, Wisconsin 1872-1972 - 100th Anniversary Book (70 pages)
This is a page by page scan of the original book of 1972 held by many local residents. It is posted here with permission of Immanuel Lutheran Church of Strum. This link takes you to my introduction. From there you can quickly go to any page. The book explains why there were until 1956 and for nearly 80 years, two Lutheran Churches in Strum. This book and the book, A History of Strum and the Town of Unity, 1989, combined, provide a very thorough early history of a predominantly Norwegian Lutheran community.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church About 1940
? - compliments of Ron A. Rosenberg
Strum Unity (Now Elm) Street - 1930s

West Beef River (Immanuel) Lutheran Church Built 191

N. H. Robbe & H. H. Strand, Eau Claire Leader Article - 194
Strum's Shoemaker - Harry Jacobso
n - brother of Hans Jacobson, Hardware Store Owner
Strand Hardware - E.E. Strand & Roy H. Matso
T. M. Olson Bowling & Billiards - "Sunshine" Swendby & Roy Matson

Velkommen til Stru
m - Built by Duke Berg
The Sunbonnet Sisters - Mariann Berg & Carla Nym
o - the Helfred & Mary Matson Sisters
Syttende Mai Strum, Wisconsin, a p
oem - by Ralph Heath of Strum
Free Show Night P
oem - by Ralph Heath of Strum
You're From Rural Minnesota or Wisconsin if ........
. (from the Internet, author unknown)
Tenth Annual Strum-Arizona Get Together, February 23, 2002, Phoenix Are
The Spirt of Dan Brock
- by Arup N. Garson
Strum, As I Remember I
t - by Ron Bergerson on January 7, 2008, formerly of Strum
Mark & Florence Holte Boys & Others: Baseball, Wolves and Schoo
l - compliments of Mark Holte
Strum Downtown, Day after Christmas Day 1914 Fire
- compliments of Ron Rosenberg
John F. Kennedy Visits Eleva-Strum Central in 196
0 - compliments of Dan Bergerson
Strum Class of 1943 Graduation Ceremon
y, (pamphlets, names) - compliments of Mary Robinson Frystak
all - The Strum Cubs Baseball Team About 1908 or 1909
Osseo vs. League All Stars (1945), A Poster: Norval Matson, Percy Rogers, Rusty Sayles, Ernie Myhers, and all other player
s.  Find your relative here! New information on first names posted December 10, 2003.
1949 Western Wisconsin League Champion
1932 Strum Baseball Tea
m - compliments of Ardy (Thompson) Robertson via Dan Bergerson
Steam Engine D
ays - Mini Tour
The Coi
n     |  7-Man Bike     |  Beef River Flyer     |  Saw Rig     |
Giant Trike
    |  Puffer Belly     |  Beef River Flyer in Action     | A Real Steam Engine |
Beef River Flyer Today Year 2005 at Carson Park, Eau Claire
     Compliments of Dave Peterson.

Northern Trempealeau County Wisconsin Township Maps -
Unity (Strum Area)  | Albion (Eleva Area)   | Sumner (Osseo Area)  |

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