Matson - Garson
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Strum and Area Pictures:

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Norway Pictures: 
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Click on this link (above) for pictures primarily of Hurdal and Toten Norway.

Syver Madsen & Hellene Olsdtr Bjerkebakken Family:

Syver Madsen - 1865 Census
Syver, Hellene &Family - 1875 Census
An Older Syver Madsen with Baby Delpha Omdahl
Ole Hansen, Hellene Olsdtr's Father, Older

Nils Garson & Clara Frodahl Family:
Arup Garson (child) Benefit, August 12, 1900
Nels & Clara Garson Soon After 1915
Clara Garson's 80th Birthday, June 26, 1938
Clara Garson's 80th Birthday, June 26, 1938 Group Picture
Natalia, Thora, Maria & Fritz Garson; Otto Anderson, and Helfred Matson

Helfred Matson & Mary Garson Family:

Helfred Matson & Friends at Winter, Wisconsin, 1900
Young Helfred Matson, About 1906 or 1907
Helfred & Mary's Family
Helfred Matson "Catch of the Day"
Helfred & Mary's Grandchildren, April 30, 1944
Helfred & Mary's Grandchildren, Mother's Day 1948
Roy Matson & Hurdal Parish Pastor John H. Svensen in 1976
Roy Matson's Wife, Blanche Kuhl, Young
Blanche Kuhl's Mother, Gina Voldsness, with Baby Linda Kuhl
Fred Matson - Author/Bowler, of sort, and WEBMaster for this WEB Site
Link to another Petersen Classic bowler, South St. Paul's Joe "Corby" Crnobrna
Letter to Norway by Hans Pedersen Frodal, October 4, 1885 and English Translation - compliments of Magnar Bonkerud of Norway, Descendant of Jens Pedersen Frodal

Hans Moltzau & Mathea Rosrud Family:

The ship ATALANTA: Hans Fredrick Moltzau & Mathea Rosrud Davidsdatter's Family Transportation to America in 1867