story of a lutheran people 1872-1972, strum, wisconsin
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The Story by Pages & [Chapters]:  1 [A Story of a Lutheran People]; [The Old Country]; 2 3 [Emigration and Emigrants]; 4 [Tolga];  5 [Hurdal];  6 7 [This and That]; 8 [Settlement - Its Problems]; 9 10 11 [The Coming of the Clergy and the Established Church]; 12 13 [Choice of Affiliation]; 14 15 [Our First Pastors]; 16 [Minute Book: Hurdal-Immanuel and West Beef River Congregation]; [The First Meeting]; 17 18 19 20 21 [1876]; 22 [The St. Paul's Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation]; 23 [The West Beef River Evangelical Norwegian Lutheran Congregation]; 24 25 [The St. Paul's Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation]; 26 27 [Building Problems]; 28 29 30 [The Last Third of the Century]; 31 [Union] 32 33 [This and That]; 34 [In Retrospect][Language][The Bygde-Lags]; 35 [Layman Activities]; 36 [Cooperation][Societies and Lodges]; 37 [A Belated Insert]; 38 [Altar Guild][Mission Society]; 39 [St. Paul's Luther League]; 40 [West Beef River Luther League]; 41 [West Beef River Ladies Aid]; 42 [St. Paul's Ladies Aid]; 43 [Union]; 44 [Christian Education]; 45 46 [Music]; 47 [West Beef River Young Women's Club][Sunshine Club]; 48 [L.D.R.][79'ers Club] End of Story Narrative.
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PDF Version of the Story of a Lutheran People 1872-1972, Strum, Wisconsin
Welcome to an Internet version of the book, Story of a Lutheran People, Strum, Wisconsin, 1872-1972. Many of you or your relatives probably have the paper version. This is the story of the Lutheran Church and People of Strum who were also nearly all Lutheran. The book is as much a community history as it is a church history. Strum is a Lutheran community. The book was published in 1972. A related book, published in 1989 is a subsequent historical account by the same writer, "A History of Strum and the Town of Unity". This latter book is also available on this WEB site.

This book was written in preparation for the 100th Anniversary. The story part of the book is written by my father, Roy Matson. Auxiliary story is by Mrs. Viola Gunderson; and Stenographic Layout is by Mrs. Jean Amundson. Countless others assisted with the book and with preparations for the church anniversary. If you have viewed other Strum Lutheran anniversary materials which appear on my WEB Site, you may note the the 50th anniversary was in 1927; the 60th in 1937; and the 75th in 1952. How then might the 100th be in 1972? The book addresses that. These anniversaries were for St. Paul's Lutheran Church, one of two Lutheran Churches in Strum for nearly 80 years and until 1956.  St. Paul's was formed as the 2nd Lutheran Church in Strum in 1877 when a contingent of membership left the West Beef River Lutheran Church to form their own church. The current church name, Immanuel, was actually in use for a short time prior to 1877.

The book and all the material in this on line version are the property of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Strum and are provided for your enjoyment. I have permission to post an on line version of the book on my WEB site. None of this material may be sold for profit without their permission. Feel free, however, to copy or print this material to share with others so that they too, may enjoy the book.

Now, a few words about the structure of the original book vs. how it appears here on my WEB Site.
The original book has numbered pages only for the story part of the book, 48 pages. About twenty more pages which appear before and after the story, are not numbered. The original book also has no table of contents and no index.
On this Internet version of the book, all pages are either numbered or lettered and each page is linked to each other page. Note the Linked Table of Contents (see above). This exact same Linked Table of Contents appears on every page of this book.

Click on any link above to move quickly to any page of interest from any other page.
Movement from page to page is only by these links. These links appear on each page of the Internet version of the book.

Each page of the original book is presented to you as a picture (a scan) of a single page of the book
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The Linked Table of Contents uses a large part of each view. The actual page view always appears below the Linked Table of Contents. Scroll down to read the pages. If you have the option on your viewing device, I recommend you view the pages at more than 100%, to zoom in. The original scanned pages of the book read very well and easily when zoom is used. Some photos on some pages cannot be improved. But all text is very good quality.

To go to other parts of my Matson-Garson WEB Site click on those links which are directly below the Matson-Garson title near the top of any page. You can easily return to this book from my WEB site HOME and other pages where I will have direct links to the book.

My Thanks to Pastor K D Taylor and Immanuel Lutheran Church of Strum for giving me permission to post this very special book.

Enjoy! I welcome your Email comments (link is at top of this page).
Fred Matson
first posted, 14, 15 Dec 2012;  5 Jun 2013