Strum St. Paul's Lutheran Church 50th Anniversary Booklet 1927
Matson - Garson
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Scans of this booklet are provided by Chris Bonnabeau, Descendant of Martin Bjorklund & Amalia Haugam of Strum. Martin is a descendant of Johannes Klavestad & Sigrid Hansdatter Frodalen of Strum. Sigrid is a daughter of Hans Pedersen Froahl & Marie Iversdatter Brendsaterstuen, both immigrants from Norway, also residents of Strum.  

This booklet is written in Norwegian. I cannot translate this won****ul document and so it is provided for the enjoyment of you who can. If you would care to translate this booklet to English, please E-Mail me with what you learn by page and I will then post the results here. There are twenty pages plus the cover.

Each WEB page for this booklet, looks like this one and gives you access to each other page and to the other links seen above. Of course, this is a church produced booklet and as such we must acknowledge  what was then, St. Paul's Norwegian Lutheran Church of Strum, Wisconsin, as the primary contributor. Please enjoy!

Posted 15 March 2006 by Fred Matson