Clear Creek Township, Eau Claire County, Wisconsin

4 Miles North of Strum, Trempealeau County, Wisconsin

Background & Acknowledgements for Norseville Area materials

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Norseville School 1891 Class Picture - Hattie Crow, teacher 
Norseville School Souvenir, 1898
- Front and Inside.
Norseville School 1898 Class Picture - Clara Olson, grandmother of Ron Rosenberg, and many others.
Norseville School Class, 1910/1911 - Clara Olson is now the teacher in the school she earlier attended.
Norseville School Souvenir, 1924 - Inside.
Norseville School 1924 Class Picture - Eleanor Berg, mother of Ron Rosenberg, and many others...
Norseville School Class, 1935 and 1932-40 Experience Story- by Norma (Rindal) Pire. NEW
Norseville School 1949-50 Class Picture & School Experience - the last class of Norseville and an account by Gary Hanson, student, and of his wife's school experience at nearby Cleghorn School.  NEW
Norseville School Clock - Picture by Rachel Rosenberg Harding  NEW
Norseville School, Abandoned - taken sometime before 1967 and then later in 1978 
End of Pictures included in the Picture Tour.

"Romundstad Valley: Its Beginnings" - Feb 2011, by Norma (Rindal) Pire.   NEW A story of the earliest settlers of this valley that is an important piece of the Norseville community. They came from the Romundstad farm of Rindal, Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

Mable Nelson Thompson's Return Visit to Norseville School and Strum 86 Years Later in May 2010 - by Susan Thompson Stump, Gary Hanson and others 

The History of the Norseville District - 1949 account by 8th grade student, Dale Olsen. This link takes you directly to the Eau Claire County WEBsite where the history resides. It is worth the trip. Use your browser BACK to come back to my WEB site or extend your visit there.

Norseville School Board Account of Current Expenditures, 1929-1930 - Original record from Gary Hanson.
Norseville School Board Receipts & Expenditures 1934-1935 - Original record copy from Gary Hanson.  
Norseville School Board Annual Meeting Minutes for 1930 through 1936 - Original record copy from Gary Hanson. This site also includes other school board related papers. Norseville is referred to as "School District #4 Joint Towns of Clear Creek and Unity.

Norseville School Teachers, 1885-1950: List provided by Gary Hanson.

Norwegian Lutheran School Association of Town of Sumner 1905 Warranty Deed to Ole J. Romundstad - Original deed from Gary Hanson.

Clear Creek Township, Eau Claire County Plat Map, 1928

Genealogical and Historical Resources for Eau Claire County

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