St. Paul's Lutheran Church
75th Anniversary Booklet

1877-1952    Strum, Wisconsin

My Introduction to Booklet    Front Cover    Dedication    Church Picture    Foreword by Pastor Blom    Hjemboe & Blom Families    History 1    History 2     History 3    History 4    Pastor Information    
First Officers 1    First Officers 2    Officers 1952    Church Council  
Christian Education/ Sunday School    Sunday School Students    Sunday School Staff/Bible Classes    First Bible Class    Choir     Our Organists    Ladies Aid    Ladies Aid Groups 1-6   
Ladies Aid Groups 7-12    Mission Society   Altar Guild    Luther League    Brotherhood   
Lutheran Brotherhood    The L.D.R. & Junior Luther League    Seventy-Niners   
Board of Ushers & Kitchen    Esten Johnson/Gifts/Acknowledgement by O. A. Hjemboe, Editor
Welcome to an on line version of the booklet for the 75th Anniversary of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Strum, Wisconsin.  Many of you or your relatives probably have the paper version of this item. For you who do not, this tour is worth your time. You will view lots of pictures.

The original 75th Anniversary booklet had numbered pages and there was no index.
This on line version is in that same order but also with links to the page of your interest from any of the thirty-one pages and cover.

Each page holds a picture (a scan) of a page of the booklet. The Title and links you see above, appear on every page of this mini-tour.

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For this Internet posting, I thank two people in particular, Hazel (Berg) Anderson of Strum, and Ron Rosenberg, also of that family, of California. I thank Hazel for providing her copy of the booklet to Ron for this project and I thank Ron for scanning each page of the booklet and then making those scans available to me by Email so that I could post them on this WEB site for all to enjoy.

The booklet and all the material in this on line version are the property of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Strum and are provided for your enjoyment. None of this material may be sold for profit without their permission. This is only right. You should feel free, however, to copy or print this material to share with others so that they too, may enjoy this booklet.

St. Paul's Lutheran Church, at the time of this anniversary, in 1952, was one of two Lutheran Churches in Strum. The other was West Beef River Lutheran Church. While many residents of the area are pictured in this booklet, it only represents those who were members of St. Paul's Lutheran Church. A few years later, the two churches merged.

The original booklet, of course, is the work of church members and the pastor. I thank them for their dedicaton and hard work in putting this booklet together. And I can only imagine the work that went into the preparations for this event. For you who have not seen this booklet and who are connected to Strum in some way, this is a special treat. For you who have seen or have this booklet, now you can share it with family and others by telling them that they can find it here, on my WEB site, from anywhere in the world. The Internet address is 

This booklet is loaded with good pictures.

Fred Matson
first posted, 3 December 2004