Strum St. Paul's Lutheran Church
Confirmation Class Picture of 1926

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Back Row (left-right)  Norval Matson, Maurice Hanson, Irv Shermo, Lawrence Shermo, Phil Chirstianson, Manford Stuberg, Orville Nelson
Middle Row: Murial Romundstad, Ruth Traaseth, Lillian Nelson, Esther Call, Ivy Peterson, Doris Indgjer
Front Row: Pastor Hjemboe, Amanda Traaseth, Evelyn Torgenson, Mable Nelson, Palma Christianson, Glenn Nelson, Harold Skoug

This picture, provided by Susan Stump, daughter of Mable Nelson Thompson, is of the Strum St. Paul's Lutheran Church Confirmation Class of 1926. Names and date for this picture are provided by my cousin, MIke Berg of Eleva. Norval Matson, back row left, is the  brother of my dad, Roy H. (Blanche Kuhl Rockwell) Matson; of Mike's mother, Mariann Matson (Stanley) Berg and of Carla Matson (Erling) Nymo.

The Pastor is O.A. Hjemboe. He served from 1920 to 1949. At the obvious fold, center of the picture, in the first row we see Mable Nelson Thompson; in the second row at the same fold and directly behind Mable, is her older sister, Lillian Nelson Primus.

The picture of the two girls below is of (left) Mable Nelson Thompson and (right) her sister, Lillian Nelson Primus. This picture may have been taken on Confirmation Day for the two sisters. If this picture was not taken on the day of confirmation then it may have been taken not long before or after.

Mable appears to be wearing the same dress in both pictures. This is not necessarily so for her sister, Lillian. A detailed look at Lillian's hair suggests it is the same day, not so sure, however, with Mable's hair. All considered, both girls look younger in the lower picture than in the confirmation picture. But, that could be due to them being closer to a camera. Fred Matson.  

Material and picture compliments of Susan Thompson Stump. Names compliments of Mike Berg.
Posted by Fred Matson
5, 6 Sep, 11 Dec 2010