John F. Kennedy Visits Eleva-Strum Central High School in 1960

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In 1960, John F. Kennedy toured West Central Wisconsin enroute to becoming the 35th President of the United States of America in the General Election of that year. Less than four years later, on 22 November 1963, he was shot to death by an Assassin.

In the top picture, Eleva-Strum Central High School student body and other local attendees appear to be observing the Candidate responding to a question. Maybe you know. Notice the podium to his left. Notice also that among the high school students at about the Candidates waist level, are two little boys. With a hand on each knee, one of the boys appears to be focused on JFK. To this boy's right is another. He also is focused on the Candidate. Many of the student body appear to be looking at the photographer. Either way, it is picture-taking time.

Can you find yourself, your son or daughter, mother or father, grandmother or grandfather in this picture?

In the bottom picture, the two elementary students, Dan Bergerson and Jon Olson, asked for an received an autograph from U. S. Senator and Candidate for U. S. Presidency, John F. Kennedy. Their pride level was probably like that of any young  kid who received an autograph from a Milwaukee Braves baseball player about the same time.
Read here a recent Eau Claire Leader account of Dan's experience, by Dan.

These pictures were taken by an Eau Claire Leader newspaper photographer and provided to me compliments of Dan Bergerson, a former Strum resident.
Dan's contact with the Kennedy family continued after his unfortunate automobile accident in 1966. 

Posted by Fred Matson (a member of this student body and in this picture, also)
18 June 2008.