zieske extended family research in prussia
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This is a work in progress. Some information is verified, some is not. I try to indicate which. Please contact me at the Email address above with questions.

We have two project goals: (1) Locate ancestors and Prussian church records for each of 4 Zieske and Zieski families; and (2) Learn if any or all of these families are extended family. Two of 4 families are already verified as one extended family. All four seem to be from Putzig, kreis Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia and surrounds.

The Zieske Research Working Reports found at the links below include church records and discussion papers about possible connections between these Zieske. 

Four (4) Zieske extended Families (regardless of spelling: Cisk, Cysk, Ziske, Zieske, Zieski) are included in our
Zieske Extended Family Research in Prussia project. Each of these 4 groups is identified below by the 1st four couples. The men in #2, #7, #8, #9 and #12 are possibly brothers. Couple #10 may be their parents. The other couples relate as described:

Michael Zieske born 1816 & Anna Christina Schulz; (verified uncle of #3 man)

Michael Zieski born about 1780 & Anna Maria Krenz; (1st likely parents of #4 man)

Michael Zieske born 1846 & Wilhemenia Sonnenberg; (verified Nephew of #1 man)

Wilhelm Zieske born abt 1831 & Wilhelmina Burk (Wilhelm arrived New York at age 22, Dec 1853)

Gottlieb Zieske born 1813 & Anna Rosina Arnd (verified brother of #1 man; verified father of #3 man)

Wilhelm Matz born 1830 & Anna Rosina Arnd (See #5: This is Anna Rosina Arnd's second marriage in 1855)

Johann Zieske born about 1780 & Anna Christina Verchow (Ferchow) (verified parents of #1 and #5 men and of a third child, Wilhelmine born 1820)

Gottlieb Zieske born about 1800 & Anna Christina Koplin (2nd Likely parents of #4 man, if Wilhelm Zieske grew up in Putzig, kreis Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia)

Peter Zieske born 1797 & Anna Dorothea/Regina Dorothea Stelter (is a son of a Michael Zieske and an Elisabeth Polsfuß.These parents are very possibly the couple at #10 below. )

Michael Cysk (=Cisk=Ziske=Zieske) baptized 28 Oct 1736  & Elisabeth Polsfuß (likely but unproven ancestral parents for Zieske men at #2, #7, #8, #9 and #12 and thus also ancestors of men at #1 and #3)

Paul Vercho born about 1735 & Anna Christina Kelm, married 1777 in Gross Kotten  (Parents of #7. Anna Christina Verchow)(link includes genelaogy for Paul Vercho's first wife, name unknown)
Gottfried Zieske born abt 1792 & Anna Maria Lieske born 10 Apr 1792, have children in Follstein beginning 1818, and she died in Ascherbude 13 May 1855. Gottfried may be a brother of Johann Zieske and Peter Zieske.

Maps for the Area of our Zieske Ancestors: Prussian/German |   Polish
(Prussian village names we search are now modern day Poland)
Lazarus Maps of Kreis Czarnikau Area and More; Lazarus Maps Index.
Kartenmeister Polish to German; German to Polish Village Name Conversion and Location Tool and More
PosenList (mailing list)  |  Poznan Project (search marriages database)

31 Mar 2012: Zieske Research Working Report (Introduction & Records) 137 pages
17 March 2009: Zieske Research Working Report (Discussions) 71 pages

(MS WORD Document)
Use and Permissions. The above reports are periodically re-posted with a new date and additional information. You may print and/or save these to your computer. Please read Use and Permissions.

Zieske Brothers of Holland Michigan Genealogy on RootsWEB
: (Descendants of Family #8 above)
Southern MN Zieske Genealogy on RootsWEB: (Families #1 and #3 above)
Zieske in Ascherbude: People named Zieske serving as sponsors or parents in Ascherbude church records.
Zieske in Ascherbude: Cross Reference Sponsors and Parents for Zieske births.
A Zieske Extended Family Scenario

Please contact us at the above E-Mail with questions or answers about our family research. Fred & Dianne Matson, Otto Bloedow, Gerald (Gary) Fasbender, Dianne Matson, Ken Neumann, Valerie Pena, Bill Strasburg, Maik Welk, Kerensa Zieske, Roberta Zieske and others. Posted 27 May 2008. Updated  June 5, 7, 16, 18, 22, 30; July 1, 2, 6, 8, 9; Sep 9; Nov 14 2008, Jan 14; Mar 17, 22, 31; Apr 1, 3, 4, 5, 10; Jul 14; 22, 23 Nov; 5 Dec 2009; 27 Oct, 13 Dec 2010; 13 Feb, 26 Mar 2011, 6 Feb, 1 Apr 2012