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This is our two-part working progress report. You are welcome to save this report to your computer.

This report includes church record extractions for Zieske and variations on that surname spelling such as Zieski, Ziski, Ziske and others. many other family names connected to Zieske.  It includes discussion papers related to our research. The report is cumulative and generally organized chronologically by community/parish. Our research in Prussia is now based in Putzig, Putzighauland, and surrounding communities of Ascherbude, Follstein, Gross Kotten, Hammer, Kienwerder, Radosiew and Stieglitz of kreis (county) Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia.

Download speed: Each report exceeds 50 pages of primarily text but also includes some maps and other pictures. As such, your download time may be more than usual. Each report is 2-5 MB in size.

Searching and Viewing the Report: The report is searchable but only within the report document and not by  this WEB site search engine. To search within the report and for the built in links to function properly , SAVE and view the report on your computer. On line, the report is probably best viewed by a combination of choosing a link at the Report Table of Contents, viewing that material, then scroll back to the top and the Table of Contents and choose another link. 

Permissions: Out of respect for ancestors and the families involved, the information in this report is posted here for enjoyment and to assist you with your family research. The information is not for resale and may not be posted on any public genealogy service without permission at the E-Mail link above. This search effort is not conducted by paid professionals, Information provided in this report is not guaranteed accurate. It is up to you to decide and/or verify whether a particular record fits your family ancestry. We are glad to help you.  

Please contact us at the above E-Mail link if you have questions or answers about our family research.

Fred & Dianne (Lisko((Zieske)) ) Matson
Posted 2 Jul 2008, updated 17 March 2009