michael zieski born 1780 & anna maria krenz born 1784 genealogy
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Descendants of Michael Zieski born 1780 & Anna Maria Krenz born 1784, likely in Putzig, Posen, Prussia : Michael died 6 Oct 1831 at age 50. No parents or spouse is listed in the record. They married on 28 November 1810 in Putzig when he is age 30 and she is age 26 (verified).

Children and Descendant birth and other records

Anna Rosina Cisk born 1811
Elisabeth Cisk born 1815
Gottfried Ziske born 1818
Johann Ziske born 1820
Anna Maria Zieski born 1823
Michael Ziske born 1826
Wilhelm Ziske born 1829

ZISKE, Cysk, Cieske, Ciske, Cisk  are common spellings found in church records for the following Zieski/Zieske family.

Michael Ziske & Anna Maria Krenz Records:

Marriage: 28 Nov 1810
Michael Cisk (= Ziske) age 30 & Anna Maria Krenz age 26
Sponsors: Andreas Polsfuß and Peter Szalm (= Schalm)
Note: Family Find. Fasbender. marriage of Michael Zieski & Anna Maria Krenz, parents of Johann Ziske, born 24 Dec 1820, and his siblings: Gottfried born 3 Aug 1818; Maria born about 1823; Michael born 22 Apr 1826; and Wilhelm born 27 Mar 1829. Based on this marriage date and the first known child being born in 1818, there may be more children to be found in the birth records. Jedrzejewo is Putzig.
Note: (update 28 Aug 2009) Two more children found born to these parents: Anna bapt 1 Sep 1811; and Elisabeth bapt 8 Oct 1815. Each was born in Putzig, catholic records of Putzig. The birth of Anna Maria is also located as 29 Oct 1823, also in catholic records of Czarnikau. Births of other children
FHL 2121447: 1739-1860: Vol 3: Marriages: Page 37: Jedrzejewo: Catholic Records of Czarnikau
Picture 8587, 8588 taken 15 May 2009

Death: 6 Oct 1831
Michael Ziske age 50 and parents not listed. 
Note: Possible Family Find: Fasbender. This is very likely the husband of Anna Maria Krenz. However, we lack absolute proof. This man would have been born about 1781 if his age is actually 50. But this age could be an estimate. The record says that the priest is the source of the information: "durch eigene" instead of by the husband ("durch den Mann") or by  the son ("durch den Sohn") or by the father ("durch den Vater") or by the mother ("durch die Mutter"). A wife is also not listed as a source of the information for the death record. Was he not married? Is she deceased? It does not say that he did not marry.  But, if he never married, he cannot be Michael Zieske who married Anna Maria Krenz of the Fasbender Zieske group. Michael Ziske who married Anna Maria Krenz is reported as already deceased: at their daughter Anna Rosina’s (b. 1 Sep 1811) marriage in Nov 1833 to Martin Kraft and then later at son, Gottfried’s marriage of April 1838 to Anna Rosina Posehn; at the marriage of son, Johann, to Louise Steinke, in Stieglitz, on 12 Feb 1847 and then the marriage of daughter, Anna Maria Ziske on 6 Aug 1854 to Gottlieb Gehler. This 6 Oct 1831 death record is consistent with those marriage events. Very likely, this is the death record for the father of these children. Their last of seven known children, Wilhelm, was born to Michael Ziske & Anna Maria Krenz on 27 March 1829 in Putzig, less than three years before Michael’s death.  (updated 16 April, 10 June and 28 Aug 2009)
FHL 0741850: 1818-1845: Vol 2: Page 196/197: Line 35: Protestant Records of Putzig
Pictures 4500, 4501 taken 7 Dec 2007; 4541-4542 taken 14 Dec 2007; 7402-7406 taken 27 Feb 2009


Primary family source: Valerie Pena
Revised: 25, 26 Sep, 1, 31 Dec 2007; 24 Jan, 24, 28 Feb, 14 Mar, 19 May, 26 May, 16, 17 June, 1 July 2008; 9 Jan, 14 July, 21, 22 Nov 2009.
Fred & Dianne (Lisko ((Zieske)) ) Matson