maps for the area of our zieske ancestors: polish
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On this map, the area we search is north of modern day Poznan which is half way between Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland. About 60 km north and a little west of Poznan is Czarnkow (Czarnikau City). The area of interest for us is west of Czarnikau city.

The area we search is older day Prussia and now  modern day Poland. These are polish community names. Here are some Polish (German) community names of our ancestos.

West of Czarnkow are Gajewo (Putzighauland); and Folsztyn (Follstein). Not on the map, Jedrzejewo (Putzig) is just 4km west of Gajewo (Putzighauland).

North of Czarnkow is Kuznica Czarnikowska (Hammer).

Along the railroad (the line with the alternating white to blue to white triangles) and on Highway 180 is Siedlisko (Stieglitz). Not on this map but further southwest along the railroad tracks maybe 4km is Biernatowo (Ascherbude).

This should give you some idea of the modern day area we search.

Fred & Dianne (Lisko((Zieske)) ) Matson
Posted 2 July 2008