maps for the area of our zieske ancestors: german/prussian
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Scale: unknown. the distance from Putzig to Ascherbude is about 8 km.

Ascherbude: northwest of Putzig. Just below center.
Follstein: lower left, NNE of Filehne.
Putzig and Putzighauland: lower right, west of Czarnikau.
Stieglitz: north, northwest of Putzig.

This is a picture of a Lazarus map. This area is north of modern day Poznan which is about half way between Berlin, Germany and Warsaw, Poland. About 60 km north and a little west of Poznan is Czarnkow (Czarnikau City). The area of interest for us is west of Czarnikau city (note the map above).

Fred & Dianne (Lisko((Zieske)) ) Matson
Posted 2 July 2008