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This WEB site is about Anton Lisko & Mary Fisher and Edward W. Zieske & Margaret Rawlings, their ancestors, descendants and communities.

I am Dianne Margaret Lisko Matson. These are my grandparents. My father's parents are Anton Lisko & Mary Fisher; my mother's parents are Edward W. Zieske & Margaret Rawlings.

This WEB site is about my ancestors, my family and extended family, my community and my parent's communities. My father and his siblings grew up in Dickinson, North Dakota; my mother and her siblings grew up in Walnut Grove, Minnesota. My brothers and sister and I grew up in Oakes, North Dakota.

My husband is Fred Matson. He grew up in Strum, Wisconsin and his parents are from the same area. His family and community history is covered in another section
(Matson-Garson HOME Page) of our WEB site.

To learn how this WEB site works, I recommend you check out our one-page 
HELP section.

This site is under constant development but everything we have posted is available for you to view. You may find a number of gaps in information and/or inaccuracies. Please E-Mail me with your thoughts and ideas as this Lisko-Zieske story grows. You can do this from any page on this WEB site.

!NEW! Zieske Extended Family Research in Prussia
Prussian Church Record Extractions and Progress Reports. 

Please enjoy!

Dianne (Lisko) Matson
Oakdale, Minnesota
2 January 2004, 30 May 2008