michael zieske born 1736 & elisabeth polsfuß genealogy
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Descendants of Michael Zieske & Elisabeth Polsfuß:
1   Michael Zieske (Michael Cysk) born 1736 and baptized 28 Oct 1736 in Putzig, Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia (verified). His parents are Peter Michael Cysk & Dorothea Candonowna (= Candon)of Putzig who married on 19 Nov 1724 (verified). They had five known children, all born in Putizg: Marianna bapt 30 Sep 1725; Anna bapt 30 May 1728; Catharina bapt 25 Oct 1730; Eva bapt 11 Oct 1733; and Michael bapt 28 Oct 1736.      

..  +Elisabeth Polsfuß born about 1749 likely in Putzig or area. Married Michael Zieske (Michael Cysk) born 1736 on 10 Sep 1769 in Putizg. This is his second marriage.   His first marriage was to Christina Stelter on 16 Nov 1766, in Putzig.

........ 2  Anna Maria Cysk(=Ziske)1770 -       bapt. 16 Sep 1770 in Putizg (Jedrzejewo), Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia. Per catholic records of Czarnikau.

........ 2  
Peter Zieske 1798 - 1854 b: 13 Dec 1797 in Prussia (location likely, unconfirmed; date is calculated from death record)   d: 27 Jul 1854 in Ascherbude, Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia  

............  +Anna Regina Dorothea Stelter circ 1805 in Prussia (likely, unconfirmed). m. 27 Nov 1823, Gross Kotten, Czarnikau, Posen, Prussia.

So, let's say for discussion purposes that this Michael Cysk (m. Elisabeth Polsfuß) is the common male ancestor. What then are the names of his (their) children?

First, Michael Cysk was first married (Putzig in 1766) to a Christina Stelter by which I found no children. I am so far able to document only one birth for Michael Cysk & Elisabeth Polsfuß: Anna Maria born 16 Sep 1770. She is very likely their first child. Michael Cysk and Elisabeth Polsfuß were married 10 Sep 1769 in Putzig. Anna Maria's baptism record is found in the catholic records of Czarnikau. But indications are that other children born after 1770 may have been  protestant. If I understand correctly, Protestant records for that period were destroyed and it is about this time (1770) that we no longer see indication of non-catholic or protestant parents in catholic baptismal records since Protestants (Lutheran) have their own records by just after 1770.

There is another possibility for why we cannot locate the baptism for more children for Michael Cysk & Elisabeth Polsfuß. One boy born in 1797, Peter Zieske, is likely (by parents named in death record) their child. Elisabeth would be more than 40 years old and maybe even as much as 47 at the birth of this Peter. But no record of Peter's birth has yet been located. Peter may have been baptized protestant. If Peter is their child, then there is a strong possibility that we already know his brothers names: Johann (m. Anna Christina Vercho); Gottlieb (m. Anna Christina Koplin); Gottfried (m. Anna Maria Lieske); and Michael (m. Anna Maria Krenz). There are strong indicators in this direction. These names are on the
main Zieske research page.  

Fred & Dianne (Lisko((Zieske)) ) Matson
Posted 8, 9 July 2008; 14 July; 25 Sep; 4 Dec 2009