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Southern MN Zieske Genealogy on RootsWEB:
This site demonstrates that two of four Zieske we search, Michael Zieske born 1816 and Michael Zieske born 1846, of Brown, Nicollet counties, Minnesota and surrounds,  are uncle and nephew. Both families and all descendants are blood related. Additionally, the mother of Michael Zieske born 1846, remarried in Prussia to a Wilhelm Matz and both and family came to southern Minnesota. Includes Prussian church record genealogy.

Putzig and Putzighauland church records are central to this effort. The bulk of extracted church records that are on this WEB site and in our Zieske Research Working Report, are from these two communities. Families 1, 2 and 8 are based in Putzig and Putzighauland. Family 7 is the primary known oldest ancestor for Families 1, 3, and 5. Family 7 is based in Ascherbude and before that was in Gross Kotten.  Family 4 is found first in McLeod county, MN. But the parents of Wilhelm Zieske of Family 4 are very likely either Family 2 or Family 8.  This Gottlieb Zieske of Family 8 is very likely a brother of Michael Zieski of Family 2. Family 6, a second marriage resulting from the death of Gottlieb Zieske in Family 5, originates in Ascherbude but the individuals are likely from other surrounding communities.

22 March 2009, 27 Oct 2010