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"no entires yet in this combined family"


GENEALOGY: Anton Fisher & Kathryn Stanclova aka Kathryn Stancl Descendants 0610lisko
GENEALOGY: Isidore Fisher & Anna Kolar Descendants 0610lisko001
GENEALOGY: Mary Fisher & Anthony "Anton" Lisko 0610lisko002
GENEALOGY: More about Mary Fisher &  Anthony "Anton" Lisko 0610lisko003
GENEALOGY: Isadore Vincent "Doc" Lisko & Dorothy Zieske 0610lisko004
GENEALOGY: Joseph A. Fisher & Christine Tuhy 0610lisko005

RECORD: Anton Lisko, Mary Fisher and Infant, Isidore on Passenger List to America 0610mlisko
RECORD: Anna Kolar, Tom Michaelenko, Mary Michaelenko on Passenger List to America 0610olisko
RECORD: Anton Lisko Death Certificate (father of I. Vincent "Doc" Lisko) 0610plisko
RECORD: Mary Fisher (Mrs. Anton Lisko) Death Certificate 0610qlisko

Book and Reference Acknowledgement: The Church of Saints Peter and Paul 1898-1998, New Hradec, North Dakota 0610ylisko


GENEALOGY: Michael Zieske b1816 & Anna Christina Schultz b 1821
GENEALOGY: Michael Zieski b abt 1795 & Anna Maria Krenz
GENEALOGY: Michael Zieske b 1846 & Wilhemenia Sonnenberg
GENEALOGY: Wilhelm Zieske b abt 1831 & Wilhelmina Burk  
GENEALOGY: ZIESKE Extended Family Research in Prussia: Prussian Church Record Extractions and Progress Reports (New)  Attention Zieske of any Spelling with Prussian Roots!
GENEALOGY: Johann Zieske b. abt 1780 & Anna Christina Serchow NEW
GENEALOGY: Gottlieb Zieske b 1813 & Anna Rosina Arnd NEW
GENEALOGY: Wilhelm Matz b abt 1830 & Anna Rosina Arnd NEW
GENEALOGY: Gottlieb Zieske b abt 1800 & Anna Christina Koplin  NEW


LISKO Descendants of Michael Zieske & Wilhelmina Sonnenberg:

Y: N. Rawlings & Margaret S. includes Olmstead Descendants 0630azieske
Y: Edward W. Zieske & Margaret Rawlings  0630zieske001

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Fred & Dianne (Lisko ((Zieske)) ) Matson