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Here is a list of recent changes in the WEB site.  I will not list all new pictures here but with a visit to the PICTURES link you will see the word NEW!! along side recently posted pictures. Family history findings will still be reported under PROGRESS REPORTS link.
This page (below) will also summarize changes in structure to the site.

Note: The list of Changes for between October 27, 2008 and November 29, 2009 is lost. My apologies.  

October 27, 2008: Strum High School Class of 1943, graduation pamphlets including names. Materials provided compliments of Mary Robinson Frystak. Her uncle, Clarence "George" Thomley, a graduate, saved the materials. 
July 3, 2008: Here is a direct link to Our Zieske in Prussia Extended Family Research. Follow the weekly progress in researching church documents on microfilm here. This is Dianne's family on her mother's side.
June 18, 2008: Added picture and story of U. S. Senator John F. Kennedy visit to Eleva-Strum Central High School in 1960 and Picture of 1932 Strum Baseball Team.
March 27, 2008: Added a picture of Downtown Strum the Day after the Christmas Day Fire of 1914. Compliments of Ron Rosenberg. This picture is now also linked from the book, "A History of Strum and the Town of Unity".
March 1, 2008: Added a two page story and account by Ron Bergerson: Strum, As I Remember It - an account of Main Street businesses as he recalls from his youth days, about 1948-1954.
September 27, 2007:
Added two pages re: a discussion of searching Zieske Family ancestors in Wisconsin, Green Lake and Dodge counties area: Zieske Family Genealogy Search. We are searching for Dianne's mother's ancestors in Wisconsin & Prussia.
August 23, 2007:
Added a story, The Spirit of Dan Brock, , by Arup N. Garson. Written in the early 1930s, this story about a not so successful farmer caught up in financing and refinancing may well fit today. From the perspective of a banker (Arup) and provided by Arup's daughter and family, Beatrice (Garson) Johnson.
May 6, 2007
: Added an external link to the Petersen Classic Bowling Tournament Home Page. Added the link also to my page where I describe my 15-year experience at this bowling tournament near Chicago, Illinois. If you bowl, check out the Petersen Classic link. This is the best bowling tournament.....and different. 
February 3, 2007
: I am in the process of centering all pages so that they appear centered on your monitor. This will take a while. During this change you will see pages either centered and to the left of your screen.  |  I have made the Rønning connection to the Moltzau family. Check here and follow the links. Gullik Davidsen is the Rønning ancestor, a brother of Mathea Davidsdatter (married Moltzau).
February 2, 200
7: In Process of adding more descendants Even Olsen Bakke & Kari Nilsdatter. This will ultimately tie into the Rønning family of Hurdal, Norway. Beginning at the Even Olsen Bakke & Kari Nilsdatter link you will see two new sons, Ole, whom we know little so far, and Nils, whom we know more about. In addition, I am connecting the Rønning family to the Moltzau family: Gullik Davidsen Røsrud (Rønning) is a brother of Mathea Davidsdatter Røsrud (Moltzau).
January 30, 200
7: Added Liskbakken and Althoff Family genealogy and Links to Genealogies Page. Lisbakken is a Hurdal family with a tie to the Matson-Garson family. Birthe, A sister of Ole Hansen Bjørkebakken (my great great grandfather), married, Ole Olsen, a brother of David Olsen Lisbakken. This is a shirt-tail relative connectioin at this point. But this connection may lead to other relationships.  
January 26, 2007
: Moved some of HOME Page Links to Page Index. But a "MORE" link and summary for that material remains on the HOME Page.  The same detail and links are now on the Page Index page. 
January 2, 2007
: Added pictures of current day Hurdal under Norway Pictures, compliments of Atle Rønning.
December 29, 2006
: Added picture of modern day Røsrud Farm/Downhill Ski Center in Hurdal. Compliments of Atle Rønning. Taken late December 2006.
November 29, 2006
: Added various links to a new WEB Genealogy site by Howard McGlothlin. Added links on my External Links page and in the Lisko-Zieske family section. This Site, primarily focuses on Dickinson, North Dakota based Czech/Bohemian surnames but also includes Norwegian and other names from Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and other areas. Many very good links. Many Genealogy Links. Howard is Norwegian among other heritages as his last name implies, and his wife, Bernice Schoch is Czech/Bohemian as her name may imply. When you go to this site, you leave my Matson-Garson, Lisko-Zieske site. Just browser back. I strongly recommend that you check out Howard & Bernice's family site even if you never get back to ours.
October 26, 2006:
Added a "Hurdal & Garsjøen Farm Mini-Tour", a series of pictures taken in 2006 by Atle Rønning and his sister, Atle being of Oslo, Norway and formerly of Hurdal. Also a HOME page link to this.

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