Hurdal & Garsjøen Farm Mini-Tour
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Hurdal ChurchHurdal Church Rector, John H. Svensen: 2006 and 1976
Garsjøen Farm Descendant and Resident, Martin Garsjø's Tombstone at Hurdal Church
Hurdal & Garsjøen Farm Mini-Tour

Welcome to a short tour of the Hurdal area featuring the Garsjøen Farm and Hurdal Church. The more recent pictures are taken by and provided compliments of Atle Rønning of Oslo, Norway and his sister. You will also see that I have linked some of these pictures to other pictures and information already on my WEB site. This makes the tour more complete.

These same pictures taken by Atle Rønning and his sister are also listed individually at the WEB site
Pictures link under Norway Pictures.

How to view this Mini-Tour: The choice is yours, you are the tour guide. This is a grouping of related pictures as well as a structured tour. For the structured tour, click here to begin with a look at the Garsjøen Farm. At a point in the tour it will appear that there is no end. At that point just choose a next link at the top of the page.

Note at the top of this page links to the major pieces of this tour. And note above that are the links to all parts of my WEB site. These same two groups of links are on each page in this mini-tour. You can literally bounce around at will from these links. You are at the Introduction page. 

Each page has or will have narrative. This narrative will likely grow with time as more information is available. And perhaps we will have more pictures to share.

Atle Rønning was born in Hurdal in 1957 and has lived in Oslo since about 1980. Great grandparents of his mother, lived on the Garsjøen farm and, in fact, lived in the Main house. His father's great grandfather, Gullik Davidsen Røsrud, was the brother of Mathea Davidsdatter Røsrud. 

Mathea Davidsdatter Røsrud married Hans Fredrick Pouls Moltzau. This is the Moltzau family that emigrated from Hurdal to America and LaCrosse County, Wisconsin and ultimately after two or three years to Strum, Wisconsin. Descendants of this Moltzau family are still in Strum.

Moltzau family genealogy is
here on this WEB site. At this link, you will see that a son, Paul Moltzau, married Severine Frodahl of my Frodahl family. A daughter, Anna Moltzau, also married a Frodahl boy, Peder Johannesen Frodahl, brother of Severine. Both the Moltzau and Frodahl families are Strum, Wisconsin families. To be sure, there are more family connections to be found. Time and study will reveal these things.

Atle found my WEB site through Internet search and Emailed me only about a month ago. He sent wonderful pictures then and has sent more since. We don't yet know for certain, but it is possible that we are related. While it is dangerous to assume that people living on the same farm are related, we believe this may be the case for us.

Please enjoy this tour,

Fred Matson
25 October 2006