David Olsen Lisbakken & Olea Jensdatter Dalen
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DAVID OLSEN2 LISBAKKEN  (OLA KNUTSEN1 ROGNSTAD) was born Abt. 1792, and died Bef. 1866.  He married OLEA JENSDATTER DALEN 17 Jun 1820 in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway.  She was born Abt. 1803, and died Aft. 1866.

More About DAVID OLSEN LISBAKKEN: Occupation: Bet. 1827 - 1850, Farmer, #6 Hurdal Almlia (Flaen), Elvenga.

More About OLEA JENSDATTER DALEN: Immigration: 1866, She is a widow when she leaves for America


DOROTHEA3 DAVIDSDATTER, b. 02 Apr 1821, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; d. 23 Mar 1907, Conde, Spink County, South Dakota; m. (1) OLE IVERSON, 23 Sep 1844, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; b. 1825; d. 11 Sep 1847; m. (2) ISACH CHRISTIANSEN, 29 Apr 1850, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; b.1822, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; d. 13 Jan 1906, Conde, Spink County, South Dakota. There are 2 possible Isachs.

More About DOROTHEA DAVIDSDATTER: Baptism: 08 Apr 1821, Hurdal Church, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway
Burial: 1908, Conde Cemetery, Conde, South Dakota. Hurdal Bygdebok Page: 74, GR.NR. 6. ALMLIA (FLAEN), Elvenga, 1)

More About
ISACH CHRISTIANSEN: Alternative Birth Date: 08 Jul 1822, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway
Bruker: Bet. 1850 - 1873, GR.NR. 6. ALMLIA, Elvenga. Christening: 14 Jul 1822, Hurdal Church, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway. Confirmation: 15 Oct 1837, Hurdal Church, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway age 15 1/4. His parents on the confirmation record are
Christian Olsen Knai eie & Karen Olsdtr. Hurdal Bygdebok Page: 74, GR.NR. 6. ALMLIA (FLAEN), Elvenga, 2). Immigration: 1866, Settled in Day County, South Dakota after 3 month sailboat trip from Norway. Note: Isach's parents are not conclusive, he was born more than two years before the marriage of Christian Olsen & Karen Olsdtr. The given name, Isach or Isak, is so far not found in ancestors. This is the best known information as of today, however.

ii. JOHANNE DAVIDSDATTER, b. 07 Jun 1824, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; d. Aft. 1866, America. She came to America unmarried in 1866. More About JOHANNE DAVIDSDATTER: 1865 Norway Census: Johanne Davidsd. is on Almerlid nordre Elvengen with her mother Olia M. Jensd. She is unmarried and age 42. The farm is managed by Isak Kristians. Christening: 13 Jun 1824, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway. Fact 1: 1865, Per 1865 Census, she is on this farm with her mother as part of an estate agreement.

iii. BERTE DAVIDSDATTER, b. 24 Jul 1827, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway. More About BERTE DAVIDSDATTER: Baptism: 05 Aug 1827, Hurdal Church, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway

iv. OLINE DAVIDSDATTER, b. 1 Dec 1830, Hurdal; m. GULBRAND OLSEN, 16 Aug 1852, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; b. 6 Nov 1826, Hurdal. Oline is baptized "Olene"

v. KARINE DAVIDSDATTER, b. 24 Jan 1833, Nordlien, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; m. HERMAN HANSEN, 19 Jul 1852, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; b. 06 Sep 1826, Sullestadst Farm, Balke, Østre Toten, Norway; d. 20 Mar 1908, Martell, Pierce County, Wisconin. Notes for KARINE DAVIDSDATTER: At 1900 Census, six of eleven children are living. At 1880, 1870 and 1860 Census, seven children names are identified, four unknown. There is a period between their second child in 1856 and 1864 where there are no children. Notes for HERMAN HANSEN: At marriage, Herman Hansen is from/of Toten.

9 Nov 2006 Notes: Herman Hanson & Karine Davidsdtr married on19 July 1852 in Norway, came to America in 1854. Or, at least, Herman came in that year. That makes them among the early Norwegian emigrants. We don't know for sure where they were before the 1860 Census when they are in Goodhue County Minnesota. That leaves a six year blank. They are still in Goodhue County in 1870 and 1880. The 1890 Census isn't available, was destroyed for much of the United States. The 1900 Census has the family in Gilman township, Pierce county, Wisconsin. That area is north and just across the Missippi River from Goodhue County, Minnesota and south of Baldwin. Herman is alive in 1900. The 1900 Census also says that the Karine had eleven children, six are living. In the 1910 Census, Karine is living with her daughter and husband, Theodore and Minnie Mickleson in Garfield Township, Polk County, Wisconsin. Karine is widowed. That means that Herman died sometime between 1900 and 1910. |  From Eugene Althoff I know that Karine died on December 13, 1915 and is buried in Baldwin, Wisconsin. I am guessing that Karine was buried in a Baldwin area cemetery in 1915 because when Herman died between 1900 and 1910, he was buried in the same Baldwin area cemetery. Herman was buried there probably because this was the cemetery of the church where they worshipped when they lived in Gilman Township, Pierce County, Wisconsin, the last known address of Karine & Herman when Herman was alive.  By Fred Matson



Sources: Hurdal Bygdebok; Digitalarkivet Census; O.B.Harp Kirkebok Lookup; Dorothea Davidsdatter & Isach Christiansen (Isak Kristiansen) Family and other.

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30 January 2007
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