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Here is a list of recent changes in the WEB site.  I will not list all new pictures here but with a visit to the PICTURES link you will see the word NEW!! along side recently posted pictures. Family history findings will still be reported under PROGRESS REPORTS link.
This page (below) will also summarize changes in structure to the site.

December 31, 2012: I removed some links to genealogies [all genealogies found here], Hurdal mini-tour, norseville, and more}  from HOME Page. All such links and materials I removed from HOME are found at the WEB site's Genealogies, Page Index or Pictures major section links found at top of page of this and other pages. I adjusted only to simplify the HOME Page. All materials previously with links on the HOME page remain on this WEB site. I make such changes now and then to feature various items on the HOME Page, to introduce them.
December 14, 2012: Added WEB Pages for scans of the book, Story of a Lutheran People, 1872-1972, Strum, Wisconsin. Placed direct links to the book on HOME Page, Index Page and Strum Pictures.
May 27, 2011: Added WEB Pages for Elizabeth Anne "Lizzie" Zieske & Alexander McMillan. Elizabeth is a daughter of Johann Zieske & Beata Luise Breitkreutz. Johann is a son of Michael Zieski & Anne Marie Krenz, one of the key couples in our Zieske Extended Family Research in Prussia Project. Material for the Zieske-McMillan pages provided by Linda Hoeschler.
January 22, 2011: Added picture and account of Norseville School Clock and reorganized Norseville material.
December 11, 2010: Names added to 1926 St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Strum Confirmation Class.
November 30, 2010: More material added to Norseville School Section including: 1891 and 1935 class pictures; Norwegian Luth. Church 1905 Warranty Deed to Ole J. Romundstad; 1978 school picture; 1932-40 School Experience story and account by Norma (Rindal) Pire, former student.
October 14, 2010:
Added more material to the Norseville School Section including: 1937 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Guidelines for Annual Meetings And Dan Hart request to detach.
September 26, 2010: Added more material to the Norseville School Section. New material includes: school board minutes 1930-36; 1934-35 Receipts and Expenditures.
September 19, 2010: Added material to the Norseville School Section. New material includes an account and pictures of Mable Nelson Thompson's return visit to her alma mater, Norseville School, and home, 86 years later. Her visit and accounts and pictures by her children, Susan Thompson Stump, Gretchen Thompson Carter and Rob Thompson, stimulated additional material, discussion and accounts about the Norseville Community of bygone years with additional material from Gary & Corrine Hanson and Rob Rindal and others. Original Norseville School material for this section was provided by Ron Rosenberg.
November 29, 2009: Added link to External WEB site for Christianson & Tackett Family History. This WEB site is by Bill Christianson, formerly of Strum. His WEB site features Christianson and Tackett family genealogies and old pictures of Strum area and other. Bill's WEB site also includes my father's A History of Strum and the Town of Unity book. The link to his site is on the Matson-Garson HOME page.

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