Paul Andreas Moltzau & Kirstine Marie Hassel
Hans Fredrick Pouls Moltzau & Mathea Rosrud Davidsdatter
Paul H. Moltzau & Severine Frodahl
Hans Fredrick Pouls Moltzau (b. 20 Sep 1835 d. 14 Jan 1909) married Mathea Rosrud
(b. 22 Nov 1834 d. 1877) on 7 September 1858 in Hurdal, Akershus,

Hans Moltzau and his wife, Mathea Rosrud, with their 5 young children, left their family
farm in Hurdal, Norway and traveled to Christiana (Oslo)...where they boarded
the sailing
on April 20, 1867 and arrived May 29, 1867 at the port of Quebec,

We do not know how they traveled from there, but they arrived in Bostwick
Valley, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin where they lived for 2-3 years.  From there they
went to Trempealeau County, Wisconsin where they lived the rest of their lives. Hans and
Mathea were  early settlers in the Strum, Wisconsin, Trempeauleau County. 

Their two youngest children, Daniel and Emma were born in Trempealeau County.
Mathea died during childbirth in 1877, she and her infant twins are buried together in the
West Beef River Cemetery in Strum, Wisconsin.  Hans never re-married.

The above information was provided by Bev Porter Moltzau.

Children of Hans Fredrick Pouls Moltzau & Mathea Rosrud Davidsdatter:

Marie Moltzau b. 7 August 1859 in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway. Marie married Gilbert

Martha Moltzau b. 29 Dec 1860 in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway. Martha married Hans
Hansen on 25 July 1882.

Paul H. Moltzau b. 25 May 1862 in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway, d. 12 Dec 1938 in
Strum, Wisconsin. Paul married
Severine Frodahl on 30 May 1885.

Gunhilda Moltzau b. 7 June 1864 in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway.

Anna Moltzau b. 8 June 1866 in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway. Anna married Peder
Johanneson Frodahl on 9 December 1882 in Chimney Rock Township, Trempealeau

NOTE: Severine Frodahl, wife of Paul H. Moltzau, and Peder Johanneson Frodahl,
husband of Anna Moltzau were siblings.

Daniel Moltzau b. 28 Dec 1870 in Strum, Wisconsin, d. 6 Sep 1958 in Lewistown,
Montana.  Daniel married Molly Marie Romunstad on 3 Sep 1902.

Emma Moltzau b. 1877 in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. Emma married Nels Nelson.

Johan Pedersen Frodahl & Hellene Christiansdatter
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