Progress Report:  8 October 2002

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This is another progress report on findings related to Ole Hansen and Ragnhild Juulsdatter, his wife. This couple is the parents of my great grandmother, Hellene Hansen Bjerkebakken and of her brother, Johan Olsen Aker. There are other children listed under the descendancy reports in the WEB site, but these are the most prominent in our family at this point.  I can now confirm the following:

1. Confirmed: Ragnhild Juulsdatter was born on 18 December 1811 in Northern Aurdal Parish. Her parents were: Juel Knudsen Baasum and Sigri Thoresdtr. Source: Statsarkivet I Hamar.

2. Confirmed: Ragnhild Juulsdatter left her home and farm in northern Aurdal and with her sister, Sebbjor,  headed for Toten in 1828. Source: Out Migration Report.

3. Confirmed: Ragnhild Juulsdatter married Ole Hansen in Hoff Parish, Østre Toten, Norway on 31 August 1832. Ragnhild lived at Bjornstad Store in Østre Toten. A Peder Frodalen and Engebret Nordalen of Hurdalen are best men. Source: Parish Record on LDS Microfilm.

4. Confirmed: Frodalens witnessed the baptisms of Ragnhild Juulsdatter & Ole Hansen’s children: Peder & Siri Frodalen (Marie/Marthe’s Baptism, 1833); Pedeer Frodalen & wife (Johanne’s Baptism, 1836); and Jens & Marthe Frodalen (Karine’s Baptism, 1839). Source: Parish Record on LDS Microfilm.  These appearances of the Frodalen name caused me some time ago to wonder about the relationship between these people and Ole Hansen & Ragnhild Juulsdatter. In fact, I suspected a family relationship, brother, uncle, something.

5. Belief Consistent with Events: Ragnhild Juulsdatter died in Norway and Ole Hansen came to America, and ultimately to Dalton, Minnesota to be with his son, Johan Olsen Aker. Source: Descendants of Johan Olsen Aker & Line Andersen.

6. Finding and Near Confirmation: Ole Hansen born 1812 & Peder Hansen Frodahl born 1793 were blood brothers. The first Ole died within a year. This fact confused me for some time, I found in microfilm records two children named Ole, with parents of the same name, and within about a year of each other in birth and each with Frodalen witnesses.

The next child was also Ole. Ole & Peder’s parents are
Hans Pedersen (Christiansen) Høvern (Olterudstuen) born approximately 1769 and Johanne Pedersdtr Holmstad (Opsal) born 1770, married 19 July 1793. Additional siblings of Ole and Peder are: Johan born 1796, Marthe born 1799, Anders born 1802, Birthe born 1805, Oline born approximately 1808, and Johanne born 1818. Source: Rita Nordfjæren, Norway.

Per Rita’s information, she, Rita Nordfjæren is a descendant of Peder Hansen Frodahl & Siri Jensdatter’s daughter, Marthe Pedersdtr Frodalen born 20 January 1822. Marthe married Johannes Hansen Bradahl. Their daughter, Syverine Mathea Johannesdtr Fladlien born 1847 married Edvard Olsen Nordengen.

This information is totally consistent with other information I have on the descendants of Peder Hansen Frodahl & Siri Jensdatter Dyren, and further assures that we are each talking about the same family. I did not prompt her with any of my information and, in fact, initially inquired about Frodalens in Norway through another person who referred the inquiry to Rita. A search on revealed the possibility.   

Implications: Descendants of the following are blood related no matter where they are in the United States, Canada, Norway, and the World! Some, like me, will find that both Peder & Ole (and their wives) are grandparents of some “great” degree. If Peder Hansen Frodahl (Frodalen) and Ole Hansen were brothers then all the descendants that follow and cross either the Peder Hansen Frodahl & Siri Jensdatter Dyren or Ole Hansen & Ragnhild Juulsdatter lines are blood related - all those below, their siblings, and their descendants: 

Hans Pedersen (Christiansen) Hovern (Olterudstuen) & Johanne Pedersdtr Holmstad (Opsal)

Peder Hansen Frodahl & Siri Jensdatter Dyren
Hans Pedersen Frodahl & Marie Iversdatter Brendsæterstuen
Johan Pedersen Frodahl & Hellene Christiansdatter
Marthe Pedersdtr Frodalen & Johannes Hansen Bradahl
Jens Pedersen Frodal & Marie Johannesdtr Skeiten (added to this report 18 Nov 2003)
Ole Hansen & Ragnhild Juulsdatter (Is Part of Juuls Knuds. Baasum Descendancy Chart)
Hellene Hansen Bjerkebakken & Syver Madsen
Johan Olsen Aker & Lene Andersen

This finding has interesting implications for many Eleva, Osseo, and Strum, Wisconsin (northern Trempealeau County) area residents and former residents and their descendants, and all who have any of these ancestors in their family trees.  All are now blood related!