Peder Hansen Frodal & Siri Jensdatter Dyren

Johan Pedersen Frodahl & Hellene Christiansdatter
Johan Pedersen Frodahl and Hellene Christiansdatter were married in Norway. They came with Peder, Carl, Severine and Johanne Marie to Milwaukee in 1869. The Statsraad Brock was their ship.

Children of Johan Pedersen Frodahl and Hellene Christiansdatter:

- b. 1857. Married Anna Moltzau on 9 Dec 1882.

- b. 1859. Apparently died young before family comes to America.

- b. 1861. Buried in the West Beef River cemetery, Strum, Wisconsin.

- b. 3 September 1863. Married Paul H. Moltzau.  (Below is Paul's Father and Mother's Ship to America in 1867, the Atalanta. Yes, the spelling is correct.)

Johanne Marie
- b. 1867.

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Peder Hansen Frodal & Siri Jensdatter Dyren
Hans Pedersen Frodal & Marie Iversdatter Brendsaterstuen
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Hans Moltzau & Mathea Rosrud and their 5 young children
(Marie, Martha, Paul H., Gunhilda, Anna)
came to America on this Ship in 1867.
(Picture Provided by Bev Porter Moltzau and Jerry Arlyn Moltzau,
Jerry being the Great Grandchild of Hans & Mathea)