Johan Olsen Aker & Line Andersdatter
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JOHAN OLSEN5 AKER  (OLE HANSEN4 BJØRKEBAKKEN, HANS PEDERSEN CHRISTIANSEN3 HØVERN, PEDER HALVORSEN2 FOSTADVOLDEN, HALVOR PEDERSEN1 NYGÅRDSETER) was born 20 Nov 1849 in Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway, and died 29 Apr 1926 in Bawlf, Alberta, Canada.  He married LINE ANDERSDATTER 08 Jun 1870 in Østre Toten, Hof Parish, Oppland, Norway, daughter of ANDERS KVIGSTAD and BERTHE LARSDTR..  She was born 01 Nov 1843 in Vestre Toten, Kolbu Parish, and died 28 Sep 1929 in Bawlf, Alberta, Canada.

Per Susan Lomness, Johan and Anna Aker are believed to have emigrated to Ten Mile Lake, Minnesota (Dalton) in 1883. This is confirmed.

More About JOHAN OLSEN AKER: Aker Family Record: #5 - Burial: Canada. Confirmation: 02 Oct 1864.
Emigration: 1883, To Ten Mile Lake (Dalton), MN.

More About JOHAN AKER and LINE ANDERSDATTER: Marriage: 08 Jun 1870, Østre Toten, Hof Parish, Oppland, Norway.

Read about their church in Canada, Skudesness Lutheran of Bawlf, Alberta, Canada. This is an on line version of the book commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Church.


6 AKER, b. 20 Sep 1870, Toten, Norway; d. 11 Jun 1939, Bawlf, Alberta, Canada; m. REBECCA LOCKSTAD, 02 Oct 1904, Dalton, Minnesota; b. 28 Mar 1876, Dalton, Minnesota; d. 31 May 1947, Bawlf, Alberta, Canada.  Birth Date Alternate: 20 Sep 1871

ii. JOHANE J. AKER, b. 03 Oct 1873, Toten, Norway; d. 21 Oct 1873, Toten, Norway.  Died as an infant.

iii. JULIANNA AKER, b. 17 Apr 1875, Lillehammer, Norway; d. 11 Nov 1959, Chilliwack, British Columbia; m. SAEMING (SAMUEL) LOMNESS, 02 Nov 1896, Dalton, Ottertail county, Minnesota; b. 28 Apr 1875, Lombness Gaard, Norway; d. 27 Apr 1939, Chilliwack, British Columbia.  Alternative birth date: 16 Apr 1875.

iv. BERNT J. AKER, b. 01 May 1877, Lillehammer, Norway; d. 02 Jun 1877, Lillehammer, Norway.  Died as an infant.

v. RAGNVOLD J. AKER, b. 13 Jul 1878, Lillehammer, Norway; d. 27 Aug 1959, Camrose, Alberta, Canada; m. MARTHEA KORTGAARD, 19 Feb 1902, Christine, North Dakota - 20 miles south of Fargo, ND on I29; b. 02 Jul 1876, Sacred Heart, Minnesota. 1883, Came to America with Parents. 1917, Moved to Bawlf, Canada from Lily, South Dakota. Alternative birth date: 02 Jul 1881, From Aker Family Genealogy.

vi. BERTHA AKER, b. 14 Sep 1880, Toten, Norway; d. 03 Nov 1967, Dalton, Minnesota; m. NELS J. NELSON, Dalton, Minnesota; b. 24 Mar 1875.

vii. JOHAN LUDVIG AKER, b. 30 Nov 1882, Skreta, Norway; d. 05 Apr 1970, Seattle, Washington; m. HILDA MATILDA HENSVOLD, 26 Aug 1906, Bawlf, Alberta, Canada; b. 28 Jul 1881.  1920, moved to  Ferndale, Washington.

viii. HANS INGEBRET AKER, b. 26 Aug 1885, Dalton, Minnesota; d. 14 Dec 1985, Camrose, Alberta, Canada.  Did Not Marry.

ix. NINA MARIA AKER, b. 03 Apr 1887, Dalton, Minnesota; d. 05 Sep 1970, Camrose, Alberta, Canada; m. ANTON OPPEN, 12 Jan 1920, Bawlf, Alberta, Canada; b. 10 Aug 1909.

x. TILLA EMELIA AKER, b. 23 Oct 1889, Dalton, Minnesota; d. 25 Nov 1982, Camrose, Alberta, Canada; m. GULIK EVAN KVALE, 04 Jan 1920, Bawlf, Alberta, Canada; b. 30 May 1880.

xi. ANNA ELLINE AKER, b. 23 Jul 1891, Dalton, Minnesota; d. 23 May 1989, Camrose, Alberta, Canada.
Did Not Marry

(Posted 30 August 2002. Source: Descendant of Julianna Aker)
Reposted 27 February 2006
Fred Matson