HANS PEDERSEN CHRISTIANSEN3 HØVERN  (PEDER HALVORSEN2 FOSTADVOLDEN, HALVOR PEDERSEN1 NYGÅRDSETER) was born 23 Mar 1770 in Østre Toten, Norway only son and likely only child, and died 20 Oct 1859 in Frodalen, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway.  He (Digitalarkivet Marriage Record) married JOHANNE PEDERSDTR OPSAHL HOLMSTAD 19 Jul 1793 in Toten. Witnesses, Nils Olterud and Hans Holmstad., daughter of PEDER LARSEN and JOHANNE OLSDTR.  Johanne Pedersdtr was born 1770 on Opsal farm in Norway, baptized 22 July 1770.

More About HANS PEDERSEN CHRISTIANSEN HØVERN: Name 2: Hans Pedersen Christiansen Høvern Olterudstuen.
Baptism: 01 Apr 1770, Ostre Toten. Residence 1: Bet. 1793 - 1802, Olterudstue. Residence 2: 1805, Høvern. Residence 3: Bet. 1812 - 1832, Ostervolden. (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record)

More About HANS CHRISTIANSEN & JOHANNE PEDERSDTR: 1801 Norway Digitalarkivet Census Record for Totens.
Here they are in 1801 on AALTERUD with their first three children: Peder Hansen, Johan Hansen and Marte Hansdtr. Hans is clearly Christiansen and not Pedersen here. Is there a father named Christian as well as Peder in his past? We know the father, Peder, above. But who is Christian? His baptism record father is Peder. There may be other relatives in this census record for Aalterud. But we don't know.

NOTE: re: Digitalarkivet records. These are pictures of the actual church record. The records for earlier records of this period of time are not numbered, are typically chronological and with all church records in separate columns. Baptisms are on the left. By and large, these older baptism records do not include a birth date. There are exceptions. This changes with newer records. 


PEDER HANSEN4 FRODAL, b. 03 Nov 1793, Olterudstue, Østre Toten, Norway; Baptism: 10 Nov 1793. (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record) d. 04 Feb 1867, Frodalen Farm, Ostre Toten, Norway; Burial: Norway; m. SIRI JENSDATTER DYREN, 24 Apr 1817; b. 14 Oct 1789, Østre Toten, Norway; d. 07 Nov 1864, Østre Toten, Norway. 1801 Norway Census.

ii. JOHAN HANSEN FRODAL, b. 1796, Olterudstue, Østre Toten, Norway.
Baptism: 25 Sep 1796, Østre Toten, Norway (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record). 1801 Norway Census.

iii. MARTHE HANSDTR FRODAL, b. 1799, Olterudstue, Østre Toten, Norway.
Baptism: 22 Sep 1799, Østre Toten, Norway (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record). 1801 Norway Census.

ANDERS HANSEN FRODAL, b. Bef. 05 Dec 1802, Olterudstue, Østre Toten, Norway; Christening: 05 Dec 1802, Hof Church, Østre Toten (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record}; m. SEBJØR JUULSDATTER, 29 Jan 1829, Østre Toten, Norway; b. 08 Apr 1809, Bossum (Baaseim, or such) Farm in Nord-Aurdal Parish; d. 06 Dec 1864, Knutssetra, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway. Burial: 28 Dec 1864, Hof Church, Østre Toten.

BIRTHE HANSDTR OSVOLDEN, b. 1805, Høvern, Østre Toten, Norway; Christening: 04 Aug 1805 , Hof Church, Østre Toten (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record); m. OLA OLSEN LISBAKKEN, 30 Dec 1828, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; b. 1802, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway.

OLINE HANSDTR OSVOLDEN, b. 15 Apr 1808, Østre Toten, Norway; Christening: 15 Apr 1808, Hof Church, Østre Toten (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record); m. ENGEBRET LARSEN NORDLIEN, 14 Apr 1829, Hurdal, Norway; b. 1802, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway.

vii. OLE HANSEN OSVOLDEN, b. 1810; 
Bapt 23 Sep 1810, Feiring Church, Østre Toten, Norway; (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record) d. 18 Apr 1811 (Digitalarkivet Death Record), Osvolden, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway. Burial: 18 Apr 1811, Østre Toten, Norway.

OLE HANSEN BJØRKEBAKKEN, b. 1812; b. Bapt 08 Feb 1812, Osvolden (Ostervolden) of Kobberstad Farm, Hof Parish, Østre Toten, Norway (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record); d. Abt. 1901, Dalton, Ottertail County, Minnesota, USA; Stepchild; m. RAGNILD JUULSDATTER, 31 Aug 1832, Hof Parish, Østre Toten, Norway; b. 18 Dec 1811, Norway, Oppland, Northern Aurdal Parish, Bossum (Baaseim, or such) Farm; d. 30 Oct 1867, Bjørkebakken, Østre Toten, Norway.

ix. JOHANNE HANSDTR FRODAL, b. 6 February 1818, Ostervolden, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway; 
Baptized 15 Mar 1818, Hof Church, Østre Toten, Norway (Digitalarkivet Baptism Record); m. CHRISTOFFER LARSEN NORDLIEN.

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