This material is provided compliments of Magnar Bonkerud of Norway. Jens Pedersen & Marie Johannesdtr Skeiten are in his ancestry. Jens Pedersen Frodal, one of the children of Peder Hansen Frodal was the second child of Peder Hansen Frodal & Siri Jensdatter Dyren. The first child, also Jens, died as an infant. Jens is a brother of Hans born 9 August 1828. Hans is my great grandmother Clara Frodahl's father, Clara being my father's grandmother. Jens and Hans are nephews of Ole Hansen, brother of Peder Hansen Frodal. --- Note by Fred Matson.

Jens Pedersen Frodal & Marie (Sari) Johannesdatter Skeiten had six children:
1   Jens Pedersen FRODAL Born: 14 September 1819 in Norway Christening: 26 July or September 1819  Died: 26 July    1891 in Østre Toten, Norway Burial: 4 August 1891 Hoff Church, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway.
     +Marie (Sari) Johannesdatter "Marie" SKEITEN Born: 16 October 1821 in Fjeldstadeie, Vestre Toten, Norway  Christening: 18 October 1821 in At home Married: 21 June 1843 in Toten, Norway. 

    2   Peder Jensen Skjefstadeie FRODAL Born: 14 April 1844 in Norway. No descendants known. (Note: genealogy information by Alice Williams of Osseo, Wisconsin indicates that Peder b. 1844 came to La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1870. This is consistent with Magnar's information that Peder went to America August 8, 1870 with the "Kong Sverre" to La Crosse, Wisconsin.)     

Syverine Jensdtr "Sarah" FRODAL Born: 27 February 1846 in Østre Toten, Norway Died: 1912 in USA
        +August Estinus OVREN Born: 24 April 1850 in Toten Died: 1927 in USA.

    2   Even Jensen (JERS) Born: 6 January 1849 in Østre Toten, Norway  Baptism: 3 June 1849       
         +Ragna HANSDTR Born: 4 May 1850 in Toten Died: in USA.

         3   Mina Ottilia Evensdtr (JERS) Born: 6 May 1873 in Østre Toten, Norway  Died: Bet. 1873 - 1879 in         USA.
         3   Johan Helfred Evensen (JERS) Born: 23 February 1878 in Østre Toten, Norway Died: in USA.

Johan Jensen HOLMSTAD Born: 2 August 1857 in Østre Toten, Norway Died: 1942 in USA
        +Petrine "Katrine" PEDERSEN Married: 20 March 1886. 

    2   Dødfødt pigebarn JENSDTR Born: 2 August 1857 in Østre Toten, Norway Died: 2 August 1857 in Østre      Toten, Norway. No descendants. 

Christian Sigvart Jensen ØDEGÅRD Born: 22 August 1861 in Østre Toten, Norway. Baptism: 20 October    1861 Died: 11 April 1931 in Østre Toten, Norway Burial: 22 April 1931 Østre Toten, Norway
        +Mina Larsdtr. SKULLERUD Born: 7 August 1869 in Østre Toten, Norway Baptism: 7 November 1869 in     Hoff Church, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway Died: 5 February 1944 in Østre Toten, Norway.
Descendants of Jens Pedersen Frodal
& Marie Johannesdtr Skeiten
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