Helena Olsdatter & Syver Madsen
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HELENA5 OLSDATTER  (OLE HANSEN4 BJØRKEBAKKEN, HANS PEDERSEN CHRISTIANSEN3 HØVERN, PEDER HALVORSEN2 FOSTADVOLDEN, HALVOR PEDERSEN1 NYGÅRDSETER) was born 02 Apr 1845 in Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway, and died Jan 1907 in Strum, Wisconsin.  She married SYVER MADSEN 03 Jun 1870 in Hoff Church, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway, son of MADS LARSEN and OLINE CHRISTOPHERSDATTER. He was born 19 Jan 1845 in Hoel, Kobu Parish, Vestre Toten, Oppland, Norway, and died Aft. 1920 in Strum, Wisconsin.

Birklebakken means birch hill in Norwegian.

More About HELENA OLSDATTER:  Burial: Strum, Wisconsin. Christening: 07 Jun 1846, Hoff Church, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway. Confirmation: 02 Oct 1859.
Immigration: 30 Sep 1881, Eau Claire, Wisconsin - on Rollo with 4 kids & Karl Hansen. Karl Hansen who traveled with Hellene was, in fact, Carl Johan Hansen Frodalen, born 1863. attest 20. sep. 1881 (41-p437). This Carl is son of Hans Pedersen Frodahl, uncle of Hellene.  Hans is son of Peder, brother of Helena’s father.

Burial: Strum, Wisconsin
Christening: 23 Feb 1845, Kobu Parish, Vestre Toten, Oppland, Norway
Immigration: 1880, Strum, Wisconsin


RAGNA6 MATSON, b. 19 Jun 1870, Hoff Parish, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway.; d. 09 Apr 1926; m. NICKOLAI PAULSON, Abt. 1894; b. Aug 1863, Vestre Toten, Norway; d. 1913.

OTTILIA MATSON, b. 19 Apr 1873, Ostre Toten, Oppland, Norway, Hoff Parish; d. 28 Feb 1907; m. PAUL HOLTE; b. 16 Feb 1862, Norway; d. 20 Aug 1942.

OLIANA MARIE MADSON, b. 04 Mar 1876, Ostre Toten, Oppland, Norway; d. 1952; m. MARCUS RICE; b. 1869; d. 1922.

HELFRED SYVER MATSON, b. 31 Jul 1879, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway; d. 18 May 1954, Rural Eleva, Wisconsin, at the home of Mariann & Stanley Berg.; m. MARY MARTHA GARSON, 30 May 1908, Strum, Wisconsin; b. 02 May 1884, Town of Unity, Strum, Wisconsin; d. 19 Aug 1951, Strum, Wisconsin.

v. MARTHA MATSON, b. 25 Oct 1882, Strum, Wisconsin; d. 1965, Strum, Wisconsin. Martha never married.

22 May 2002: per picture of Martha Matson, younger, a standup portrait reads that Martha was born 29 October 1883. have to verify this date vs. the date on this record.

Feb 20, 2005: Julie Matson Corrington provides picture of Martha's gravestone that says she was born in 1882, not 1887. Change the Family Tree Maker record and spots in my book. 

Burial: Strum, Wisconsin - St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetery
Individual Note: Did Not Marry

vi. DAVID MATSON, b. 30 Jun 1885, Strum, Wisconsin; d. 28 Nov 1901, Strum, Wisconsin.

MATSON David Death Record, Trempealeau County  28 Nov 1901 Vol 01 Page 0421 Reel 128 Image 1582 Sequence #245593. 16 1/2 years old.  More About DAVID MATSON: Burial: Strum, Wisconsin
Individual Note: Died young, cause unknown, date unverified.

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