Progress Report:  8 April 2002
8 April 2002

Ole Hansen is found in America: Ole Hansen, father of Hellene Hansen Bjorkebakken
(Hellene Olsdtr), came to America after his wife, Ragnhild Juulsdatter, died in Norway.

We know this because of letter communications between my father, Roy Matson, and
Anna Aker, in 1972.
Her letter to my father on November 26, 1972, written at Bawlf,
Alberta, Canada,  reads, ďJohan Aker, wife Line and 3 sons 2 daughters arrived in Dalton ,
Minnesota on June 8, 1883. Moved to Canada in October 1904. (Johan) died in April
1926 of cancer on his farm, he was over 80 years (old). Iím the youngest of the family of
nine. Iím 81 years old. There (are) only 3 of us now. My Brother Hans (Sp?) (is) 87, in a
home in Camrose Rosehaven and a sister Tilla Kvale, 82, in her own home in Camrose.
Have no information about Even Evensons. Would like to hear about your trip to Norway.
(Signed) Anna Aker.

Johan Aker was a son of Ole Hansen & Ragnhild Juulsdatter.

A second letter was sent by Anna Aker sometime before my fatherís 1973 trip to Norway
and could have been a page from the first letter, but it has been separated. The
handwriting is clearly Anna Akerís. She relates, ďOle Hanson BjÝrkebakken came a few
years later than my parents. Donít know just when, about 9 or 10 years later. His wife had
passed a way and dad sent him a ticket to come to Minnesota. Granpa made a trip to
Strum, Wis. when I was quite small. But I donít remember how long he stayed. Granmaís
name was Ragnild. She was from Valdres. I never heard her parentís name. Grampa was
over 90 years when he died. Ole Evenrude came here in the Fall of 1925, supposed to be a
grandson of Karine and Ole Jacksen Nockleberrsing, a cousin (or nephew) of Johan and
Ole Olsen. I donít know (if) this will help you get more information in norway. 

A final letter on record was written from Canada, same site, by Anna Aker, on April 14,
1973.  To Roy Matson, ďRecieved your letter yesterday. I donít know too much about
Motherís home in Norway. She was 4 years older than Dad. She was from Kolbue. Her
Fatherís name was Anderís and her motherís was Berte. Could be they went by the name
of Kvigstad (Sp?) as her youngest brother used that name..his name was Anders. Her
oldest Brother went by the anme of Johanes Anderson and she had two sisters named
Karen and Andrine. Mother was Line. Andrine, her husband and 2 girls, came to Canada
from Norway in 1902. Three (3) of their sons came to Dalton when I was a little girl. They
homesteaded in Alberta in 1901. They are all gone now. There may still be some of aunties
descendants left, in Norway, because there were, I think, there was 3 children left in
Norway. Her husband went by the name of Tomas Olsen. He was a big tall dark man. You
might inquire around Kolbue. The last place mother worked in Norway was at a place
called Fagerlund. Jerstad was the name of the people, man, wife, and a adopted daughter
..still living at that place in 1927. Her name was Polla, she never married.

ďYou asked about a picture of Bawlf. There isnít much left of the Building on main street
and have new co-op store groceries. Thereís a garage on the south corner, Hotel burnt
down 3 years ago last year an empty store sent the same way. We still have post office.
We have big hall, best around here. 3 churches, Luth, United, catholic(s), a big school, 17
(or 11) teachers, they bus the kids, a big curling rink, and lots of quite nice residents,
water and sewer. I live at (the) end of the line so, I carry my water from my farm
neighbors well. I (am) sending these pictures if you take them along you might get some
information. From Anna Aker.

Fred Matson