Progress Report:  18 November 2003
Magnar Bonkerud of Norway found my WEB site a few months ago and we have been Emailing since. He is a blood relative and descendant of Jens Pedersen, son of Peder Hansen Frodal & Siri Jensdatter. I have posted his descendancy information.

An earlier Norway contact, Rita Nordfjæren, and Magnar are both blood relatives of mine. I knew little about the descendants of Jens Pedersen Frodal & Marie (Sari) Johannesdatter. Magnar is a descendant of Christian Sigvart Jensen Odegaard, son of Jens & Marie. 

Jens Pedersen and his son, Christian, remained in Norway. Christian bought a farm in Skreia, Ostre Toten in 1913. That farm was passed down to Lars Odegaard and is still in the family with Kristian Odegaard.

A brother of Christian Sigvart,
Johan Jensen Holmstad, came to the USA and Stoughton, Wisconsin. He is in the Dane County history. This may be who Olaf Martinson of Eleva, Wisconsin worked for as a carpenter. Olaf was a son of Kari Olsdatter. Kari was a sister of my great grandmother, Hellene Hansen Bjerkebakken of Strum. Olaf and Johan would be 2nd cousins.

A child of Johan Jensen Holmstad & Katrina Pederson is named Norval. Clara Frodalen Garson and Johan Jensen Holmstad would have been first cousins and Helfred Matson a second cousin of each. Clara would become Helfred’s mother-in-law and grandmother of my father. Could this be the origin of the naming of my father’s brother, Norval Matson? 

Magnar’s father is a Bonkerud
(or Bonkrud). Per Bonkrud (son of Hans Pedersen Frodahl) of Strum, Wisconsin and later of Dallas, Wisconsin, also took this farm name in America. Per was a Frodalen who took the name Bonkerud in America probably because he worked on that farm at some time. Magnar’s father is a Bonkerud and it is his mother’s side that is in the Frodalen family chain.

Frodalen Farm in Norway in Earlier Years

Check the
8 October 2002 Progress Report for an update on family relationships now that we have descendancy information for Jens Pedersen Frodal & Marie Johannesdatter Skeiten. Put simply, Ole Hansen and Peder Hansen Frodal are brothers and their children, 1st cousins. Hans, Johan, Marthe and Jens Frodal are siblings, and these are 1st cousins of Hellene Hansen, Johan Olsen Aker and Marthe Olsdatter. All and their descendants are blood relatives.


I have completed the story of Helfred Matson & Mary Garson. In time, I will provide updates to this site.

Finally, we miss Arlet (Johnson) Reed, wife of Lloyd Reed of Camrose and Edna Aker, both of Camrose, Alberta, Canada, who passed away recently. My wife and I are so pleased to have had the opportunity to visit with Lloyd, Arlet, Edna and her sister, Alice, last fall 2002 in Camrose. These fine people are family, direct descendants of
Johan Olsen Aker, brother of Hellene Hansen Bjerkebakken who is the mother of Helfred Matson, he being my grandfather.  

Fred Matson
18 November 2003