HANS PEDERSEN5 FRODAL  (PEDER HANSEN4, HANS PEDERSEN CHRISTIANSEN3 HØVERN, PEDER HALVORSEN2 FOSTADVOLDEN, HALVOR PEDERSEN1 NYGÅRDSETER) was born 09 Aug 1828 in Østre Toten, Norway, and died 24 Jun 1899 in Strum, Wisconsin USA.  He married MARIA IVERSDATTER BRENDSATERSTUEN 28 Apr 1852 in Norway, daughter of IVER NIELSEN and MARTHA BRENDSATERSTUEN.  She was born 11 Oct 1829 in Vestre Toten, Norway, and died 18 Apr 1910 in Strum, Wisconsin. Both are buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery, Strum, Wisconsin.

Hans came to Strum in 1882. Hans bought part of a place called Hoverstuen at Ostre Toten in 1855 and sold in 1863. It is believed called Stoen today and owned by Halvord Frodalen. This is per Alice Williams' research. Also, Hans is buried in Strum, Wisconsin, believed St. Paul's cemetery. A cedar stump marks his grave, his wife's, and his son Toale who died in 1900 at age 27. At Hans death, Rev. Williamson was pastor, H. H. Strand the funeral director.

More About HANS FRODAL and MARIA BRENDSATERSTUEN: Marriage alternative date: 23 Apr 1852, Norway - Another possible date per Juneau Johnson Research. Witnesses: 28 Apr 1852, Wedding: Gaardbruker Ole Halvorsen Skeiten & Inderst J. Christiansen.


6 BONKRUD, b. 20 Feb 1851, Toten, Norway; d. Dallas, Wisconsin; m. JOHANNE ROGNLIEN, 24 Apr 1873, Norway; b. 1852, Norway; d. 1899.

SIRI (SIGRID) HANSDATTER, b. 22 Sep 1853, Østre Toten, Norway; d. 1915; m. JOHANNES KLAVESTAD.

MARTHA FRODAHL, b. 13 Jan 1856, Østre Toten, Norway; d. 27 May 1943, Strum, Wisconsin - at Karen Engers Home; m. CHRISTIAN ANDREASSEN FINSTED-BERG, 04 Oct 1888, Strum, Wisconsin; b. 07 Feb 1850, Aurskoug, Norway; d. 28 Apr 1929, Strum, Wisconsin.

iv. BERTHA FRODAHL, b. 1857.

JULIANNE CLARA HANSDATTER FRODALEN, b. 26 Jun 1858, Østre Toten, Norway; d. 12 Jan 1941, Strum, Wisconsin; m. NILS GARSJØEN, 30 May 1883, Strum, Wisconsin; b. 13 Nov 1855, Norway; d. 16 May 1926, Strum, Wisconsin.

HANS HANSEN FRODAHL, b. 20 Nov 1860, Frodalen, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway; m. Elen Marie Martinsdatter Brænsætersagen, 8 May 1882, Hof Church, Frodalen, ØstreToten, Norway, born June 1858, Nannestad.

vii. CARL JOHAN HANSEN FRODAHL, b. 1863, Toten, Norway; m. CAROLINE CRAVE.

viii. MARTIN SIGVART HANSEN FRODAHL, b. 03 Mar 1866, Toten, Norway; d. Strum Wisconsin; m. INGRE CHRISTIANSEN.

Burial: Strum Wisconsin (St. Paul's Cemetery)
Christening: 08 Apr 1866, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway

ix. OTILIE MARIE HANSDATTER FRODAHL, b. 13 Sep 1868, Hurdal, Akershus, Norway; d. 1951, Strum, Wisconsin; m. JOHN J. NELSON INDGJER; b. 1855; d. 1940.

x. JUSTIN NICOLAY FRODAHL, b. 07 May 1871, Toten, Norway, the farm, Frodalen; d. Bef. 1882, Ostre Toten, Norway.

xi. TOALE NIKOLAI HANSEN FRODAHL, b. 06 May 1873, Toten, Norway; d. 03 Aug 1900, Strum, Wisconsin (St. Paul's Cemetery); m. GUNHILD SOLUM, 11 Nov 1897, Lutheran Church, Town of Unity, Trempealeau County; b. Norway.

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Fred R Matson
Hans Pedersen Frodal & Maria Iversdatter Brendsaterstuen

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