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last name = Wingad; state = Wisconsin; County = Trempealeau; and Town = Albion.

Cora's father was David born in 1822. Cora was born just after the Civil War in 1868 in Eleva, Wisconsin, four miles west of Strum. She died in 1939 in Davenport, Iowa. Cora married Zopher John Ward, April 8, 1897.

Cora Wingad Research as of 10 Oct 2011 (David Wingad b 1822's Wife, Margaret b 1838: Mystery Solved):

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Cora Wingad Research as of 11 November 2002 (1st Report):

Cora Wingad Research as of 9 November 2002 - findings:

Cora Wingad Research as of 11 October 2002:

Fred Matson
Posted as of 3 February 2003; 24 Oct 2011

Cora Wingad is not of the Matson or Garson family for you who wonder. But Cora and her family lived in the Eleva-Strum area and Hamlin, Hamlin Cemetery area, and Wingad brothers are listed as Civil War Veterans in "A History of Strum and the Town of Unity" by Roy Matson. If some relationship with the Matsons or Garsons might develop that would not be unusual. New relationships seem to pop up each day. This research is prompted by Mary K. Ward whose husband is a descendant of Cora Wingad.  I hope this section on Cora Wingad is valuable to some visitors. It is an interesting piece about a very early family settlement in Albion Township and perhaps Unity. Fred Matson
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