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Many of these records are scans, copied directly from the source per their guidelines. These are not to be recopied for profit. The main sources can be accessed through my External Links. The records on my site are also linked to and from related ancestors. Below, the records are in chronological order. Return to the Genealogies Page (same as the link above) or browser back on your computer. Enjoy!

As you find on the
Genealogies Page, parents, Hans Pedersen & Johanne Pedersdtr, each born in 1770, are central to nearly all of these genealogies, both their descendants and ancestors. The reason being that each of two sons has a major role in Matson-Garson family history. Ole born 1812 is my direct descendant on the Matson side; Peder born 1793 is my direct descendant on the Garson side.

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Marriage 1817: Peder Hansen Frodal & Siri Jensd. Dyren: Hof Kirke 27 May 1817. This Peder is a brother of Ole Hansen (both). This Peder is also my direct ancestor on my paternal grandmother's side.

Baptism 1818: Johane Hansdtr Osvolden: Hof Kirke:  born 6 Feb; Bapt 15 Mar 1818, Record #39 . Ole Hansen(both ole)'s Sister. A daughter of Hans Pedersen b. 1770 and Johanne Pedersdtr b. 1770. This is their last child.

Marriage 1823:Svend Johansen Hoelst.  age 25 & Helene Johansdatter Hoelstuen age 23 at Hof Kirke. Vielsesdate: 29 December 1823. These are Christian Svendsen b. 1831 Parents. Christian was with Mads Larsen & Oline Christoffersdatter at his confirmation.

Baptism 1824:Johane Svendsdatter: Possibly Kolbu Kirke on 17 October 1824. Parents are Svend Johansen & Helene Johansdatter.

Baptism 1827:Ole Madsen Hoelstuen: Kolboe Kirke: 12 Aug 1827. Syver Madsen's brother. A son of Mads Larsen & Oline Christophersdtr.

Baptism 1828:Johannes Svendsen: 11 May 1828, Kolboe Kirke. Parents: Svend Johannessen & Helene Johansdr. Child is brother of Christianian Svendsen born 1831.

Baptism 1829:Karine Madsdatter Enserudstuen: Baptism Kolboe Kirke 6 Dec 1829. Sister of Syver Madsen. Daughter of Mads Larsen & Oline Christophersdtr.

Baptism 1831: Christian Svendsen: 9 October 1831. Parents: Svend Johannessen Bjerkestuen & Elene Johansdr. Christian was later raised by Mads Larsen and is with them at his confirmation.

Baptism 1832:Lars Madsen Hoelstuen: 6 May 1832 Baptism. Brother of Syver Madsen. Daughter of Mads (The record says Mas) Larsen & Olina Christophersdatter.

Baptism 1833: Marthe Olsdtr Oesvolden: Record #906: Feiring Kirke:  5 April 1833 . Ole Hansen born 1812 & Ragnhild Juulsdtr’s b. 1811 in Nord Aurdal Parish, daughter .

Baptism 1835:Helene Marie Madsdatter Hoelstuen: Baptism, 30 Aug 1835. Sister of Syver Madsen. Daughter of Mads Larsen & Oline Christophersdtr.

Baptism 1845:Syver Johannes Madsen HOELSEIE: Baptism in Vestre Toten 23 Feb 1845. Son of Mads Larsen & Oline Christophersdatter.

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