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Many of these records are scans, copied directly from the source per their guidelines. These are not to be recopied for profit. The main sources can be accessed through my External Links. The records on my site are also linked to and from related ancestors. Tthe records below are in chronological order. Return to the Genealogies Page (same as the link above) or browser back on your computer. Enjoy!

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Genealogies Page, parents, Hans Pedersen & Johanne Pedersdtr, each born in 1770, are central to nearly all of these genealogies, both their descendants and ancestors. Each of two sons has a major role in Matson-Garson family history. Ole born 1812 is my direct descendant on the Matson side; Peder born 1793 is my direct descendant on the Garson side. It is the same for my Matson, Nymo and Berg 1st cousins.

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Marriage 1759:Peder (Per) Larsen Staboe & Johane Olsdtr. Staboe. 28 December 1759. These are the parents of Johanne Pedersdtr Opsahl, below (Baptism 1770), and of two other children, Berthe (Birthe) and Ole. Based on 1801 Census, Peder would be about age 28 and Johane Olsdtr about age 36 at time of marriage. 

Baptism 1763:Birthe Pedersdtr: Daughter of Peder Larsen Staboe & Johane Olsdtr (Marriage 1759). Baptism 13 March 1763, Hof Kirke.

Baptism 1765:Ole Pedersen: Son of Peder Larsen Staboe & Johane Olsdtr. Baptism 13 October 1765, Hof Kirke.

Marriage 1770: Peder Halvors. & Marthe Gulbrandsdtr. Fodstadvolden 2 Jan 1770 . Ole Hansenís (both) Paternal Grandparents, father & mother of Hans Pedersen Fodstadvolden baptized 1 April 1770. (church of marriage not identified) .

Baptism 1770: Hans Pedersen Fodstadvolden: Record #1769:  Hof Kirke: 1 April 1770 . Father of both Ole Hansens born 1810 (died 1811) and 1812 and their siblings.

Baptism 1770: Johanne Pedersdtr Opsahl: Record #1805: Hof Kirke: 22 July 1770 . Mother of both Ole Hansens born 1810 and 1812 and their siblings.

Death 1771: Margrethe Gulbrandsdatter Fodstadvolden, age 25. Balke parish of Toten, Oppland. Peder Halvorsen's 1st wife.

Marriage 1772: Hans Pedersen Fodstadvolden & Margrethe Andersdtr Olterud (his second marriage).

Baptism 1792:Ole Larsen Ringen: Baptism Hof Kirke 5 August 1792. Brother of Mads Larsen who is father of Syver Madsen. Parents are Lars Olsen & Marte S(Z)achariasdatter.

Marriage 1793: Hans Pedersen & Johane Pedersdtr Holmstad: 19 Jul 1793: Toten

Baptism 1793: Peder Hansen Aalterudstuen: Hof Kirke:  10 Nov 1793 (born 3 Nov 1793). Child of Hans Pedersen b.1770 & Johanne Pedersdtr b.1770. This is the Peder Frodalen we know in the Matson-Garson family.

Baptism 1793: Mari Larsdatter Hoelstuen: Baptism Hof Kirke 15 Dec 1793. Sister of Mads Larsen who is father of Syver Madsen. Parents are Lars Olsen & Marte Zachariasdatter.

Baptism 1796: Johan Hansen: Baptism Hof Kirke: 25 Sep 1796. Parents: Hans Pedersen & Johanne Pedersdatter.

Baptism 1799: Marthe Hansdatter Aalterudstun: Hof Kirke: Baptism 22 Sep 1799. Parents: Hans Pedersen Aalterudstun & Johanne Pedersdatter.

Census 1801: Hans Christiansen & Johanne Pedersdtr & 3 Children in 1801 . Hans Pedersen b.1770 is Hans Christiansen here! They are on Aalterud farm. This is clearly the Hans Pedersen born 1770. The three children, known to family,  are the proof. Why he carries Christiansen as his last name I don't know. These are very early times and patronymic naming was the standard. Later records carry the Pedersen name.

Baptism 1802:
Anders Hansen Aalterudstuen: Baptism Hof Kirke: 5 Dec 1802. Parents: Hans Pedersen Aalterudstuen & Johanne Pedersdtr.

Baptism 1805: Birte Hansdatter Hovern: Baptism Hof Kirke 4 Aug 1805. Parents: Hans Pedersen & Johanne Pedersdatter.

Baptism 1808: Olia Hansdatter Kobberstadeier: Baptism Hof Kirke: 15 Apr 1808: Parents: Hans Pedersen & Marthe Olsdtr. This girl (Oline) lived to marry Engebret Larsen Nordlien and they had children and descendants. Is this the correct mother? She is the mother of record. Hans Pedersen and his wife, Johanne Pedersdatter did have children before and after this girl. Could this be a clerical error? Could Hans have had a child by another woman while married? Is this another Hans Pedersen? Unprovable conclusion is that the mother's name is not Marthe Olsdtr, is Johanne Pedersdtr,  and is a recording error in church record. No Hans Pedersen & Marthe Olsdtr are married in this church for years before and after this Baptism.

Baptism 1810: Ole Hansen Osvolden: Record #307 or 207 of Chronological records: Feiring Kirke: 23 Sep 1810 . Ole Hansen #1. This Ole died as infant in 1911. Ole Hansen born 1812 was likely named after the first Ole.

Death 1811:
Ole Hansen Osvolden age 3: Toten: Parents: Not listed. But, appear to be Hans Pedersen & Johanne Pedersdtr. Note: the funeral service is 18 Apr 1811. At age 3, by calculation, he is born nearly to the day as his sister Olia born 15 Apr 1808. Yet, she had no twin. We know that she lived to marry and have children. It is possible that the boys age at death is confused with his sister's at that time. It is more likely that this Ole was born before 1808, probably in 1807, before his sister. The next oldest child, Birthe, was baptized on 4 Aug 1805.

Baptism 1812: Ole Hansen Osvolden u Kobberstad: #??? Hof Kirke:  8 Feb 1812 . Ole Hansen #2. Died about 1901 in Dalton, Minnesota where he is buried. He is my direct ancestor on my paternal grandfather's side. Married Ragnhild Juulsdatter.

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