Christian Andreassen Finstad & Martha Hansdatter Frodahl

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MARTHA6 FRODAHL  (HANS PEDERSEN5 FRODAL & MARIA IVERSHUS BRENDSATERSTUEN, PEDER HANSEN4 FRODAHL & SIRI JENSDATTER DYREN, HANS PEDERSEN CHRISTIANSEN3 HØVERN, PEDER HALVORSEN2 FOSTADVOLDEN, HALVOR PEDERSEN1 NYGÅRDSETER) was born 13 Jan 1856 in Østre Toten, Norway, and died 27 May 1943 in Strum, Wisconsin - at Karen Engers Home.  She married CHRISTIAN ANDREASSEN FINSTED-BERG 04 Oct 1888 in Strum, Wisconsin, son of ANDREAS BERG and KAREN FINSTAD.  He was born 07 Feb 1850 in Aurskoug, Norway, and died 28 Apr 1929 in Strum, Wisconsin.

Burial: Strum, Wisconsin (St. Paul's Cemetery)
Christening: 15 Jun 1856, Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway
Emigration: 1882,  Came to America
Individual Note: 12 Sep 1856, Possible Birth Date

Name 2: Christian "Finstad-Berg" Finstad
Burial: Strum, Wisconsin (St. Paul's Cemetery)
Occupation: Blacksmith

Children of Christian Andreassen Finstad and Martha Frodahl:

Karen b. 4 Jan 1889 in Strum, Wisconsin, d. 15 March 1976 in Strum.  Karen married Gesin Swendby, and a second marriage to Hans Enger. Karen is buried in St. Paul's Cemetery, Strum, Wisconsin.

Hilda Marie b. 3 Oct 1890 in Strum, Wisconsin, d. 23 Jan 1981 in Mondovi, Wisconsin, nursing home. Hilda married Matthew Wang. Hilda is buried in Lake View Cemetery, Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Christine Annette b. 25 April 1893 in Strum, Wisconsin, d. 27 July 1981 at the Osseo, Wisconsin hospital.  Christine married Charles Williams on 13 Jan 1917. Christine is buried in the Osseo Cemetery.

Charlotte b. 5 November 1896 in Strum, Wisconsin, d. 25 January 1958.  Charlotte married Bert Benson. Charlotte is buried in the Strum Cemetery.

Andy b. 17 January 1899 in Strum, Wisconsin, d. 9 October 1980 in Havre, Montana. Andy married Cora Nelson on 28 Jan 1917.  Andy is buried in Highland Cemetery, Havre, Montana.

Constance b. 14 Dec 1898 in Strum, Wisconsin, d. 4 Jan 1903 in Strum, Wisconsin. Constance died of pneumonia at a young age.

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