Hans Hansen Frodahl & Elen Marie Martinsdatter Brænsætersagen

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HANS HANSEN6 FRODALEN  (HANS PEDERSEN5 FRODAL & MARIE IVERSDATTER BRENDSATERSTUEN, PEDER HANSEN4 FRODAHL & SIRI JENSDATTER DYREN, HANS PEDERSEN CHRISTIANSEN3 HØVERN, PEDER HALVORSEN2 FOSTADVOLDEN, HALVOR PEDERSEN1 NYGÅRDSETER) was born 20 Nov 1860 in Norway, and died Unknown Date in Unknown Location. He married Elen Marie Martinsdatter Brænsætersagen, daughter of Martin Eriksen & Martha Olsdatter.  

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born on 20 Nov 1860 (185th Baptized Male) and Baptized on15 Sep 1861, in Frodalen Farm, ØstreToten, Norway (Mitbosæter farm). He married Elen Marie Martinsdatter Brænsætersagen on 08 May 1882 in Hof Church, (11th marriage of year). Østre Toten, Oppland, Norway. She was born on 22 Jun or 22 July 1858 (original record month is unclear. Based on before and after baptisms, July is likely baptism) (103rd child Baptized in 1858) and Baptized 12 Sep 1858 in Nannestad, Akershus , Norway to Martin Eriksen & Martha Olsdatter.

Picture of Hans Hansen & Elen Marie Martinsdatter (Hans & Marie Hanson) circa 1915-1918, Canada. Royal Studio, Eleventh Ave. Probably taken in Regina, Saskatchewan. Married in 1882, this studio portrait could be around their 35th wedding anniversary.

Hans Hansen Frodahl and Elen Marie Martinsdatter Brænsætersagen had the following children:

born on 04 Oct 1882 (#48 Baptized Male) in Balke Church, Østre Toten, Oppland,
Norway (Brændsætersagen).

born on 04 Oct 1885 (#48 Baptized Female) in Balke Church, Østre
Toten, Oppland, Norway (Skullerudeie). She married CARL JOHANN "CHARLIE"
OLSON. He was born on 03 Jun 1883. He died on 30 Mar 1951.

iii. MARIA HANSDATTER was born in 1888 in Wisconsin.

iv. MALVIN HANSEN was born in 1891 in Wisconsin.

v. CLARA JOSEPHINE HANSDATTER was born in 1894 in Wisconsin. She married

vi. HULDA MALENA HANSDATTER was born in 1897 in Wisconsin. She died on 04 Feb
1971 in Waldeck, Saskatchewan, Canada. She married JOHN ELGIN BURKE. He died
in 1966.

vii. THELMA HANSDATTER was born in 1901 in Wisconsin.

viii. GORDWIN HANSEN was born in 1904 in Wisconsin.

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Fred Matson