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Genealogies. The key is my Genealogies page. Every primary ancestor is linked from that page and each ancestor is linked to its ancestors and descendants. This is a good place to begin a genealogy search. You can also use the SEARCH feature from this and other locations.

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Page Index.This is the main index and lists all pages in this WEB site, or gives you access to all pages through links. From here you can choose and create your own story sequence or just pick and choose any combination of titles that may interest you.  You can access the index for pictures and the index for progress reports from this page.

Pictures. All pictures can be accessed from the Page Index and from "Picture" links you will see on many pages. You can always go back to the Page Index and access pictures from there, when in doubt. Pictures on the site are not linked in any sequence. They may be linked to narrative, or, in a predetermined sequence.. 

Progress Reports.These are my reports of progress on my research.  You can access all of these, as a group, from the Page Index or the Home Page.  Once at the "Access to All Progress Reports" Index you choose a report date.  Once you are in the reports, they are linked forward and backward.

Recent Changes.I list here major changes to the WEB site, revisions of structure, addition of new family groups and such. Not all changes and revisions are listed. But this is a good place to check for changes.  This list is chronological.

SEARCH Feature. Very simple. Click the link. The link takes you to a new page where the SEARCH feature resides. Just type in a name or word in the box and click the SEARCH button. You will get a list and links to pages within this WEB site that you can choose to see. It works great when searching for family last names. But, the feature works for any word!

WEB Site Software. I use in 2013 and have used since the 2001 birth of this WEB site, Yahoo PageBuilder software. There are no ads on this WEB site. Yahoo PageBuilder is available on line any time from anywhere. This on line software is, in 2013, at least twelve years old and does not compare well with more modern software options also available through Yahoo and other sources. I have considered coverting this WEB site to a newer more modern look. It is the information and pictures that are important, no matter the format. I have also found that conversion of this WEB site is problematic. Meanwhile, please enjoy the material. I intend that this WEB site, in whatever form, continue when I, too, become an ancestor.  

Good Luck and Enjoy Your Tour
Fred Matson

updated March 4, 2006; reviewed and updated  26 May 2013
Matson - Garson
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