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Looking for a family name, surname, first name, year or anything that might be on this WEB site? You have come to the right place.  This feature should help you.

How to Search:

In the box above, type in what you are looking for - name, date, year, word, other.



After a couple seconds, you get a list of pages (links) that are on my WEB site and that have what you are looking for. The SEARCH THIS WEBSITE page will disappear into the background and be replaced by a SEARCH RESULTS page.

What to Do

On the SEARCH RESULTS page, CLICK on any link. That page will appear.

Another or Refined Search

The SEARCH RESULTS page gives you the option for another search, or for refining your search in the upper right hand corner. Make your changes. If there is nothing on my site to meet your search needs, the result will be zero. Try another version of what you might be looking for.

To Get Back to My Search Results List and Another Link

Use the BROWSER BACK feature on your computer if you have clicked on one of the links and want to check out other links.

What if My SEARCH RESULTS are Zero even for the name, Olson:

The Search feature is temporarily confused. Of course, there are Olson words on this Norwegian WEB site.  Try again. Still zero results? Wait a bit after you click search, it may be working to find links. If that doesn't work, close down your browser and my WEB site, Then come back. Finally, if all else fails, restart your computer and come back.  I don't know why, but I know from personal experience that this last process somehow helps recycle this Yahoo! Search feature.

Email me below if you want help.

I see Funny Letters in my Search Results:

Yup. For whatever reason this Yahoo! Search Engine cannot read the extra pieces of the Norwegian alphabet very well. At the same time, however, it searches accurately. Ignore those funny characters and click the link you think you want. The page you want will be without the funny characters. 

I've Lost Track and Want to Get Back to the SEARCH Feature:

Well, first of all, if you are on this page just go to the top and start a new search. Otherwise, you can always get to the SEARCH feature at the top of my
HOME page.


Fred Matson

Click and E-Mail me, Fred Matson, here if you have troubles or if I can help
you with this Search feature or What you are looking for.