Progress Report:  30 January 2002
30 January 2002:

Ragnild Juulsdatter:
I have a few things in progress in the search of the birth and parents
of Ragnild Juulsdatter, who is the wife of Ole Hansen, both being the parents of Hellene
Hansen Bjerkebakken (Hellene Olsdtr).  I earlier found no girls at birth named Ragnild
from Ostre Toten, Hof Parish microfilm searches, and concluded that she came from
outside the area. She did. Probably from Ourdal north and west of Toten. A research of
the name Ragnild in that sector and possible fatherís named Jul or Jull hit the jackpot, I
think. I tested my findings on NorwayList researchers and provided even more clues. I a
couple weeks I will be reviewing microfilm for Aural Parish, Oppland County.  Also, I
have sent an inquiry to the Hamar, Norway archives to further verify.  

The Frodahl Family Connection is growing and its impact on the Matson-Garson family
history is changing. 
It is almost like my great aunt Ellen and all my Garson aunts are at
work from up above to make certain that I donít lose the significance of the Frodahl
family on my family. Family members will understand this possibility. ha. When I first set
up this section on my WEB site, I did so with the intent of providing some place to put
Garson related data that I might come across. 

I intentionally started my work on Grandpa Helfred Matsonís side of the family and not
Mary Garsonís.
From my Fatherís information, and the knowledge of what others had
done, I believed that my Grandmotherís side would be the least difficult of the two sides.
That was a correct observation.  Having some dates, I began by researching Helfredís
birth in Norway in the Morman Family History Center files and microfilm.  I had fairly
quick success. Leroy Madson, no relation yet that he and I know of , who I met on the
Internet through NorwayList and who is a member of  Totenlag of America, joined my
journey. NorwayListers from all over the world have helped in ways I never before
imagined. Pete Christianson and other Totenlag members have been great too. I joined the
Totenlag some months ago.  With all of their help I have learned how to research family
history.  Still very new at this, but I am learning.

Grandpa Helfred Matsonís birth record led to birth records for his siblings and his parents,
Syver Madsen and Hellene Olsdtr (Hellene Hansen Bjerkebakken).
We next found Syverís
parents (Mads Larsen & Oline Christoffersdatter) and Helleneís parents (Ole Hansen &
Ragnild Juulsdatter). And lots of siblings on both sides.  Since Syverís family had come to
Ostre Toten from Vestre Toten, the pursuit of Helleneís side moved more quickly.  I had
more Ostre Toten than Vestre Toten microfilm on reserve and I think Helleneís side had a
special intrigue, that Bjerkebakken name. As I pursued this side, I began seeing various
witnesses with farm name Frodalen.  And more and more. Even best men at the wedding
of Ole Hansen and Ragnild Juulsdatter.  I had learned from other researchers that
witnesses were often or usually friends or relatives, someone close. As of today, I can
place a Peder Frodalen at this wedding as a best man, and a Peder & Siri Frodalen as
witnesses on 5 April 1833 at the baptism of
Marthe, daughter of Ole Hansen and Ragnild
And then are more Frodalen names in documents.

Granted, Frodalen is a farm name and farm names in Norway were for many a part of an
address, the end name would change with movement from farm to farm.
But in our family
history, a Peder Hansen Frodalen & Siri Jensdatter Dyren once owned Frodalen. 
Is it
possible that Peder Hansen Frodalen and Ole Hansen are the son of the same Hans?

Fred Matson
30 January 2002