Progress Report:  8 February 2002
8 February 2002

Syver's Parents and Ancestors:
Thanks to the work of Leroy Madson and Karen Mathison, both Totenlag members and Karen the Totenlaget Geneologist, we are beginning to make some inroads into Syver's past. Mads Larsen & Oline Christoffersdatter (Syver's parents) were married 26 October 1826 in Kobu Church, Vestre Toten, Norway. Mads father was Lars Olsen and his mother was Marte Zachariasdatter. Marte's father was Zacharias Christiansen and his father was Christian, born 1694. The curious part about these findings, some yet to be reported, is that Mads was baptised in Hof Parish, in Ostre, not Vestre Toten!  That implies that the family was in Ostre Toten before Syver came to Ostre Toten. Interesting.

The WEB site Character: As I sort of expected, or maybe even planned, this WEB site is beginning to go beyond the Matson-Garson families.  How can you not?  With each step back in time and with each step forward, the nature of the extended family changes by the day. You will see that in the family options available throughout this WEB site. The most recent extension is the Moltzau family. That family's connection to the Matson-Garsons is through Severine, a daughter of Johan Pedersen Frodahl & Hellene Christiansdatter, Johan being a son of Peder Hansen Frodal & Siri Jensdatter Dyren who seem to be key to many families. The Moltzau family is also prominent in the early settlement of Strum, Wisconsin.

Justin Nicolay:  Today, while searching for a child of Johan Pedersen Frodahl, Mine, I came across Ragnild, daughter of Syver and Hellene Madsen, and then Justin, son of Hans Pedersen Frodahl and Marie Iversdatter. The curious part about this finding is that a number of the witinesses were from Hurdal, the baptism being in Hof Parish, Ostre Toten. That further confirms my belief that those who came from Hurdal and Toten to Strum, Wisconsin probably knew each other in Norway, and may even have been related. Justin's parish record seems to indicate that he was born in Hurdal, or could it be that somehow the ceremony was there?

Johanne Marie: I also believe I found Johanne Marie, daughter of Johan Pedersen Frodahl & Helene Christiansdtr being on the farm Hovern. If I read the record correctly, and if I did not let my emotions carry me, that one of the witnesses at this event was a Johanne Olsdtr Garsjo.  Garsjo is Garsjoen is Garson....if I have this right. Very very interesting. And more indications of Hurdal and Ostre Toten relationships. 

A History of Strum and the Town of Unity: This book, now in on-line form, is making progress. Watch the progress by the week.

Fred Matson
8 February 200