Progress Report:  9 November 2001
9 November 2001:

Hello there.  I have been on a detour for a while.  Actually, a couple of detours.

First, I learned from my research that Ragnild Juulsdatter, wife of Ole Hansen, mother of Helene Hansen Bjorkebakken (Helene Olsdatter)  was not born in Toten.  It made sense because in all my research of microfilm, I never saw the first name.  I believe she was born in Aurdal, north and west of Toten.  It may take a while to resolve this.

Second, I have been working on my wife's family geneology for a while.  When I have some more definite results, I will add or link them to this WEB site.  My wife, Dianne Margaret Lisko, ...her father was born in Crimea, Russia or at least of parents who came from Crimea to America in 1905.  Her ancestors on her Father's side are Bohemian.  These Bohemians came from Bohemia to Crimea in about 1862.  I have located her father, as an infant, age 1 month, coming to America, along with his mother and father. I have found them in the Ellis Island on line records.   I am now in the process of trying to locate records that place her grandparents, named LISKA then, in Crimea.  We are getting closer.  Some relatives have been found there.

Finally, You may notice that I have begun to add basic geneology information about relatives of relatives to this site. You will note that I have now included basic information about my Mother's Mother's family, Gina Voldsness's family. I will continue to do this also as space allows.  So far no problem.  Basic information about who is married to who and who their children marry takes very little computer space for the site.    

No snow yet in Minnesota

Fred Matson