Progress Report:  7 October 2001
7 October 2001:

As is so likely to happen with this business of family research, I may have incorrectly identified the picture of great great grandparents Ole Hansen and Ragna Juulsdatter.  Because I have not verified this, I have not yet changed information on this WEB site that accompanies their pictures and other information. 

This is the apparent conflict:  the picture on this site that shows a "younger Ole Hansen and Ragna Juulsdatter with a possible son", is the picture in question.  The man in
this picture is clearly also the same man who in the book, "Story of a Lutheran People", a story of Strum Lutheran Church, written by Roy H. Matson and published in 1972, that book, page 9, this man is named Esten Johnson Dahl. 

Esten Johnson Dahl is believed to be and it is documented in the book,"A History of Strum and the Town of Unity", also by Roy Matson, as the first of the Norwegian settlers in Strum and the Town of Unity.  The date of his arrival was June 18, 1868.  He and family had lived in Cannon Valley near Sparta, Wisconsin. 
So what, if anything, happened to cause this confusion?  First, I don't know for sure that there is an error.  What I do know is that the same picture seems to have two names:  Esten Johnson Dahl and Ole Hansen.  I find it very unlikely that the picture in the earlier book about the Lutheran Church in Strum, was misnamed. 

This whole funny matter may explain another inconsistency.  I have labeled two pictures with Ole Hansen, one as a younger Ole and the other as an older Ole.  Perhaps this is also in error.

I will keep you advised......and welcome ANY thoughts on this at my

Fred Matson