Progress Report:  8 September 2001
8 September 2001:

Hellene Olsdtr (Syver Madsen's wife) now has one brother and four sisters:  Johan, Julianne, Johanne, and Karine, all reported earlier, and now
Marthe.  Since their parents, Ole Hansen & Ragnild Juulsdatter, were married on 31 August 1832, it appears that Marthe b. 21 Jan 1833, is the oldest child. 

A Peder and Siri Frodalen are witnesses at Marthe's Christening on 5 April 1833.  This earlier than Strum period Frodalen connecting gets more curious by the day.  My geneology friends say to be careful about drawing conclusions.  So many people were named Peder, Siri and every other first name, and Frodalen is a surname claimed by many, since it is a farm, and farms were often surnames.  So, I will be careful, but these are the facts:  People with the surname Frodalen consistently show up as witnesses for Ole Hansen & Ragna Juulsdatter events including children being Christened, Johanne, Karine, and Marthe; Ole Hansen and Ragna Juulsdatter lived in Ostre Toten;  the farm name Frodal is in Ostre Toten; a Peder Frodalen was best man at Ole Hansen and Ragna Juulsdatter's wedding; and finally, records from Alice Williams show a Peder Hansen Frodal born in 1794, and Siri Jensdatter Dyren born 14 October 1787.  The Siri and Peder Hansen Frodal in Alice's records are the grandparents of Clara Julianne Hansdatter who married Nils Garson, and gave birth to Mary Garson, my grandmother.  Could there be a connection?  Time will tell.

Syver has one more sibling so far, but I do not know her first name.  This child was Confirmed at age 15 on 20 October 1844.  That places her birth at about that month in 1829.  The record shows that the child is "unknown" Madsdtr. This means that the child was a daughter (datter) of Mads.  I record doesn't state "unknown", I use that identifier only to say that I cannot read the name.  The record is very blurred for her first name.  The remainder of the record clearly shows that the parents are Mads Larsen and Oline Christophersdatter.  I am going to see if there is any other record that may more clearly state this child's name.   

I still believe that Syver may have also had a sister named Oline, but have not yet found her in Parish records.

Fred Matson