Progress Report:  28 August 2001
28 August 2001:

Hellene Olsdtr (Syver Madsen's wife) now has one brother and three sisters:  Johan, Julianne, Johanne, and Karine.  And, their parents, Ole Hansen & Ragnild Juulsdatter, were married on 31 August 1832 in Ostre Toten, Hof Parish.  The children were also born in Ostre Toten, Hof Parish.  Mom and Dad Hansen were 21 years (Ole) and nineteen (Ragnild) years old at marriage.  You can calculate their approximate birth date that I do not yet know.

Following is the birth information for these children:  Johan (born 20 Nov 1849); Julianne (born 12 Nov 1842); Johanne (born 4 Mar 1836); and Karine (born 11 August 1839).   Hellene was born on 2 Apr 1845.

While I have yet to confirm all information from the microfilm, a very clear record of Ole Hansen & Ragnild Juulsdatter's marriage states that one of the two best men was Peder Frodalen (interesting!) and the other an Engebrit Nordalen who was from Hurdalen.  Interesting because, another record, that of Karine's Christening, shows a Marte Frodalen as a sponsor. 

I have also located two brothers of Syver Madsen in confirmation records.  Lars, confirmed on 4 October 1846 and was 14 1/2 years old at the time; and Christian Svendsen, confirmed on 4 October 1846 at age 14 1/2.  Both are listed as children of Mads Larsen and Oline Christoffersdatter, Syver's parents also.  These records are from the Vestre Toten Parish, Kobu.  Could Christian Svensen actually be the son of Sven who may have died?  Could Sven be a relative?

I believe that Syver may have also had a sister named Oline, but have not yet found her in Parish records.

Fred Matson