This series of pages, Ancestors by Generations, tracks the Ancestors of Helfred Matson and Mary Garson who married. An alternative view is to follow one or more of the Descendants Charts listed. These too bring us to more recent generations but with more family detail, more descendants. And you, of course, will observe overlap since grandchildren of one ancestor are also grandchildren of another. These links to select descendants charts are the only links to other people that you will find in this Ancestors by Generations series. Descendant chart links can also be found at the Page Index.

Yes, GM is an accurate description - Garson/Matson - for those noted below. The Garson side of the family and the Matson side come together at a point back in time. This is possible because two brothers, Ole Hansen & Peder Hansen (Frodal), are both in the Helfred Matson & Mary Garson family ancestry.


G: Parents Unknown
Even Olsen Bakke (b. 1738, d. 1809). 
G: Parents Unknown
Kari Nilsdatter Alm (b. 1745, d. 1800)
GM: Peder Halvorsen Fostadvolden & Marthe Guldbrandsdtr Fostervolden
Hans Pedersen Christiansen Hovern (b. 1745, m. 2Jan1770)  
GM: Parents Unknown
Johanne Pedersdtr Holmstad (b. ? m. 2Jan1770, d. 1771)


G: Even Olsen Bakke & Kari Nilsdatter Alm  
Descendants Chart
Even Evenson (b. 1788, m. 1812).
G: Parents Unknown
Anne Svendsdor
GM: Hans Pedersen Christiansen Hovern & Johanne Pedersdtr Holmstad  
Descendants Chart
Peder Hansen Frodahl (b. 1793, m. 24Apr1817, d. 4Feb1867).
G: Parents Unknown
Siri Jensdatter (b. 14Oct1789, d. 7Nov1864)
G: Parents Unknown
Iver Iverson
G: Parents Unknown
Martha Christopherson Brendsaterstuen

"Parents and Generation 3 Children"
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Ancestors by Generation 
Generations 1 & 2
KEY: G = Garson; M = Matson; b = birth; c = christening; C = confirmation; m = marriage; d = death, red = Garson, green = Matson
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