M: Mads Larsen & Oline Christophersdatter
Syver Johannes Madsen (b. 19Jan1845, c. 23Feb1845, m. 3Jun1870, d. Feb1919).
Lars (b. 13Apr1832, C. 4Oct1846). Age 14 1/2 at confirmation. m. Oline Andersdtr Hoel in 1855.
Christian Svendsen (b. o/a 1832, C. 4Oct1846). Age 14 1/2 at confirmation. Foster Child.
Karine Madsdtr Hoelseie(b. o/a 1829, C. 20Oct1844). Age 15 at confirmation.
Oline Madsdatter, immigrated to America in 1881with sibling Syver's wife, Helene.
Helene Marie Madsdatter Haajen (b.9Aug1835). m. Andreas Evensen Buruld on 28Feb1863.

M: Ole Hansen & Ragnild Juulsdatter (m. 31Aug1832).
Marthe (b. 21Jan1833, c. 5Apr1833).
Johanne (b. 4Mar1836, c. 26Jun1836)
Karine (b. 11Aug1839, c. 27Oct1839).
Julianne (b. 11Nov1842, c. 24Sep1843).
Hellene Olsdtr (b. 2Apr1845, c. 7Jun1846, C. 2Oct1859, m. 3Jun1870, d. Jan 1907)
Johan (b. 20Nov1849, C. 2Oct1864).
Ole (b. est 1852 from 1865 census record). Twins
Johanne (b. est 1852 from 1865 census record). Twins
Kari (b. est 1855 from 1865 census record).

G: Christian Evenson Nordbraaten & Marie Nordbraaten (m. 1844).
Nels (Nils) Nordbraaten Garson (b. 13Nov1855, C. o/a1870, m. 30 May1883, d. 16May1926).
Olaus Christianson (Was in Strum, Wisconsin)
Fredrika Christ
Edvard Nordby (May not have left Norway. Is not the Detroit Lakes, MN area family)
Even Osheim

G: Hans Pedersen Frodahl & Marie Iversdatter Brendsaterstuen Frodahl (m.28Apr1852).
Peter (Per) Hanson Frodalen Bonkrud (b. 20Feb1851, C. 7Oct1866). Died at Dallas, Wisconsin.                Married Johanne Rognlien.
Siri Hansdater (b. 21Sep1853, c. 19Mar1854, d. 1915). Married Johannes Klavestad.
Martha (b. 13Jan1856, d. 27May1943).  Married Christian Finstad Berg.
Bertha (b. 1857 d. ?)
Clara Julianne Hansdatter Frodalen (b. 26Jun1858, m. 30May1883, d. 12Jan1941).
Juliane - twin of Clara, died at birth.
Hans Hanson - Moved to Canada in 1907. Married Marie _____?
Martin Sigvart Hanson - Died and buried in Strum, Wisconsin, USA.  Married Ingre Christiansen.
Carl Johan Hanson - Moved to Canada.  Died, buried in England during WWI in 1918. 
Married Caroline Crave.
Otilie Marie Hansdater - Last of family to come from Norway.  Married John J. Nelson Indgjer.
Justin (Uston) Nicolay - b. 1871. Died a young man in Norway.
Toale Nicolay Hanson (b. 6May1873).  Came to Strum with his Mother.  Died in Strum.

"Parents and Generation 5 Children"
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