Progress Report:  19 August 2001
19 AUGUST 2001:

Johan and Hellene have at least one other sibling: Julianne.  Julianne was born on 12 Nov 1842 and Christened 24 September 1843 (I am research this date further).  As with Johan and Hellene, they were born and christened in Ostre Toten, Hof Parish.   I found Julianne in the Hof Parish microfilm record, #0307295, book 85, page 30, just 5 minutes before Friday closing.  I will return this next week to review the record further and to locate more siblings, children of Ole Hansen and Ragna Juulsdatter.   With Julianne born in 1842, Hellene in 1845, and Johan in 1849, there are too many gaps.  There must be more children.
It appears that Syver Madsen came to America after a sister, Helene Marie, and a brother, Lars.  Helene Marie came in 1868 and Lars in 1871, I believe.  Time will tell if this is accurate.  If they came too, where did they settle?

Other possibilities for siblings: Ole Olsen (for Hellene Olsdtr); Oline, Mathea, and Matea  Madsdatter (for Syver Madsen).

A widow, Oline Xstophersdatter, is in attendance at the Baptism (Christening) of Ottilia, daughter of Syver Madsen and Hellene Olsdtr, on 1 June 1873.  Could this person be Oline Christoffersdatter, wife of Mads Larsen, father of Syver?  NorwayListers advise that it was not unusual for recorders to shorten "Christ" with "X".  If this is her, then Mads Larsen was probably deceased by this time.

As we identify Ole Hansen and Ragna Juulsdatter's children, we get closer and closer to their date of marriage.  

There are two Bjerkebakken farms in Ostre Toten during the 1865 Census.  An elderly Hellene on one of them.....maybe a relative?  NorwayListers say that is possible.

Fred Matson