May 8, 2001, updated 26 January 2003, 9 February 2006, 26 May 2013
Oakdale, Minnesota
(east side of St. Paul)

This is the story of  Helfred Matson and Mary Garson (Garsjøen in Norway).
As with many such stories, it begins with their ancestors, in this case in Norway, and continues with their children and their children's children and.......  Strum, Wisconsin and Town of Unity was their home for many years and so this WEB site and this story of two people also presents their home, my father's, and my home and my cousins, as well.

Helfred and Mary Matson are my father's parents, and of course, the parents of my father's brother and two sisters.  

I have chosen an Internet WEB Page format to present the story for good reason.  These stories never end, and I could see already on May 8, 2001 that my work on any publication would take five or more years.  The first beauty of the Internet is that while the story is being researched and written, the story may be shared.  The second beauty and wonder of the Internet is that while the story is being researched  and written, you the viewer, relatives, friends, and others around the world, may contribute to the work, or, gain from it at the convenience of a computer or other device.

Please Email me with your comments, your ideas, and any information and stories that can build this story. 

Our story begins in Oppland and Akershus Fylke (counties) in Norway...and continues in Eleva, Osseo, and Strum
, (northern Trempealeau County), Wisconsin, USA, and other points of the United States of America and the World. Østre Toten (Hof Parish), Vestre Toten (Kolbu) Parish, and Hurdal (Hurdal Parish), appear for now to have been their stomping ground.  Placing both sides of the family even closer, it appears that a lot of living took place in and around farms that are close to where these parishes intersect on a map. Recent research has taken us also further north to Ourdal (Aurdal) in Oppland fylke, where Helfred's maternal Grandmother Ragnild Juulsdatter was born.

As you view these documents, and the data and names of people and places, please remember that Norway had no formalized dictionary until about 1900.  Names of people and places were recorded as they were heard, and by the recorder that heard them.  If you see a person or place spelled differently, but with that it still sounds the same, do not be concerned. Spellings varied.

Please Email me with any corrections and additions to this work. I will gladly change  anything in this document that should be changed. 

Frederick (Fred) Roy Matson

son of Roy Harold and Blanche (Kuhl) Rockwell Matson
grandson of Helfred and Mary Garson (Garsjøen) Matson (Madsen)

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