The Hurdal Trail House is in Hurdal, Akershus, Norway and is situated on the Martin Garsjøen Farm (at least that was the resident and property owner at the time of this picture). This structure is believed to have been built in the year 1710.  I took this picture in 1968 when I traveled to Norway from my army base in Germany, and visited this area where our ancestors lived and worked years ago.

This location and this building was at one time a wayside or stopping location for those who traveled by stage from Oslo north, and back. The road just in front of it, as I recall, continues to the upper right over the hill and into the next valley on its way north. Oddly enough, the road ultimately passes by the sub-farm Bjerkebakken in Ostre Toten. Garsjøen is the farm of my grandmother, Mary Garson Matson's ancestors; Bjerkebakken is the subfarm of my grandfather, Helfred Matson's ancestors. I believe both of these locations provided relief for travelers.

This building was a stop-off point for travelers between Oslo and points north. Horses were changed, people refreshed, I suppose. To my knowledge, this road was known as the King's Highway, and was the main north and south transportation route through this area and remained so until modern day highways replaced it.

There are farm buildings to the left of this structure. Whether they have always been there even before this structure was built, I don't know. Imagine, this structure is nearly 300 years old!

Fred Matson
updated 19 November 2004