Clara Garson's 80th Birthday,
June 26, 1938, Group Picture

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Back Row (L-R): Henry “Hank” Strand, Norval Matson, George Bretson, Fritz Garson, Carl (Karl) Olson, Erling Nymo, Helfred Matson, Hans Garson, Otto Anderson, Harold Anderson, Genhard Strand.

Middle Row (L-R): Cousin Ida Olson; Oleanna Gullicksrud (spouse: Hank Strand); Gladys Thronson spouse(: Norval Matson); Mary “Marie” Flaten Anderson (spouse: Hans Garson); Alma Gaustad (spouse: Fritz Garson); Maria “Mary” Garson (spouse: Helfred Matson); Martha Frodahl (spouse: Christian Finstad) in wheel chair; Ruth Garson (spouse: Genhard Strand) holding Jon Nymo, son of Carla Matson & Erling Nymo; Clara Frodahl (spouse: Nels Garson); Thora  Garson (spouse: Otto Anderson) holding grandchild Barbara Bishoff, daughter of Florence Anderson & Irv Bishoff; Natalie Garson (spouse: George Bretson); Ellen Garson (spouse: Harold Anderson), Cora Nelson (spouse: Andy Finstad); Gilma Finstad (spouse later: Melvin Johnson); Lillian Wang (spouse later: Newell Lee Pettis), daughter of Hilda Finstad Wang & Mathea Knut Wang) (not sure of order of last two girls).

Front Row (L-R):  Bob Strand (son: Ruth Garson & Genhard Strand); Florence Bishoff (daughter: Thora Garson & Otto Anderson); Loretta Garson (spouse later: Milton Peterson) & Katherine Garson (spouse later: Henry Halvorson)(daughters: Hans Garson & Marie Flaten); Carla Matson (daughter: Mary Garson & Helfred Matson)(spouse: Erling Nymo); Mariann Matson (daughter: Mary Garson & Helfred Matson)(spouse later: Stanley Berg); Rolf Nymo (son: Carla Matson & Erling Nymo); Jack Strand (son: Ruth Garson & Genhard Strand); Burton Parks (foster child of Nettie Garson & George Bretson); Ellen Marie Strand (daughter: Ruth Garson & Genhard Strand)(spouse later: Lyle Heck).
NOTE: This is a key picture to understanding family relationships. I have used birth names and identified spouses to ease identification. I have also identified some married relationships that took effect after this picture, again. Question: Where is my father, Roy Matson? This event is one month before his marriage to Blanche Kuhl Rockwell and he could be the one with the camera. Or, now being Trempealeau County Clerk, first elected in fall 1936, he would have had to run again in 1938. (2/18/2003 - Roy is not the one with the on)

This picture is taken at the Garson home just outside Strum and on the way to Osseo via U.S. Hiway 10.  This home and property has been with the Garson family and descendents for years since Clara Frodahl & Nels Garson first bought it about 1915 from John Olson.  If I have the sequence correct, after Nils and Clara Garson, Thora (Garson) and Otto Anderson owned it, then, Mariann (Matson) and Stanley Berg, and now their grandchild.

I believe the woman to Clara Garson's right is her sister, Martha Frodal.  Please help be verify this.  My observation from other pictures is that the two sisters were inseparable, very often together.  Martha was alive at this time. (Note: This has been verified. But Email me if you have information to the contrary or can provide other information).

But who took this picture?
Some clues might be in who is missing.  Where is Roy Matson when his three brothers and sisters are in the picture?  Or, could it have been Irv Bischoff?  His wife, Florence, is in the picture.
As of today, 18 February 2003, this mystery is solved,  thanks to Jeff and Greg Bretson, great grandchildren of Clara Frodahl & Nels Garson. Waldo Bretson took the picture. He would have been 19 years old, and according to the Bretson boys was a photographer then. Anton Royer was his "photo" name tag. It makes sense that Waldo would not have missed this event and would have traveled to Strum for this event with his parents, Nettie and George Bretson and Burton Parks. I never knew about Waldo's interest in photography. No wonder the family is lined up so perfectly for later identification. I wonder how many other pictures Waldo is absent from so that we could enjoy a professional picture?

Roy Matson was at this event but had to leave before this picture for a baseball game in Strum. This picture is taken prior to his marriage to Blanche Kuhl Rockwell in July 1938.

Beatrice Garson & Juneau Johnson were also at the event and also had to leave before this picture was taken.

Do you disagree with any of the names assigned to people? If so, please Email me, Fred Matson, above. 

Updated and corrected, 28 July 2003.
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